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Friday Flowers – Week 5 -

Hubster has outdone himself again this week with my beautiful birthday promise flowers.

sunny sun flowers

A few months after our engagement, Hubster went on a mission trip to the island of Corsica for spring break. He enjoyed balmy oceanic breezes and exotic accents while I slaved away at the Kaplan office, getting soaked as I dashed out to my car in the rain each evening, and working to finish my preparations for the MCAT. Every night he would call me with news of the latest adventure. Every night my heart broke at the physical distance between us. It was the l..o..n..g..e..s..t.. week of my life.

blue ceramic vase

Somewhere along the way on that trip, he found this beautiful blue ceramic vase and bought it for me. He wrapped all of his clothes around it and stuffed paper inside so that it wouldn’t break on the flight home. We rode homefrom the airport in the backseat of his parent’s mini-van with our fingers and arms entertwined. He absent-mindedly twirled my engagement ring around my finger. We laughed at his perfect impersonation of the French accent. I remember sighing happily at the thought that I’d never have to let him go off on a trip without me again.

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7 Responses

  1. That is such a nice story. Thanks so much for sharing today.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to have that “never let him go off without me again” moment. But that moment will be awesome when it arrives.

  2. Those flower are beautiful! I love the vase and the story:)

  3. That vase is awesome! So perfect with those flowers! I hate letting J go off without me- always feel like I’m missing out. It was torture when he got to go to Scotland 2 1/2 weeks before me!

  4. That is a beautiful vase and it’s striking with the yellow of the flowers! What a bright punch of color in the otherwise, sort of blah winter. You lucky girl.

  5. How beautiful!

    P.S. Does you husband have a brother?

  6. That’s beautiful – the post and the vase of flowers. :) Love the colors together.

  7. So I love the story in this post, SO sweet. The vase is SO beautiful, what’s even more beautiful are the sunflowers in them :) My all time fav flower!!!!!

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