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day 5/7: bri doesn’t like april fool’s jokes

serious bri

Bri needed a diaper change after dinner and when we were finished, I jokingly said “Night, night” and tossed her into the crib. Poor little girl. She’s not old enough to understand a joke, and she started crying. Ooops! So I grabbed her back out of the crib and got the camera out to snap a picture. She was enamored by the auto timer, hence the studious expression. We then spent an hour jumping on Mommy and Daddy’s bed before it was really time for “Night, night.”

PS- I thought about posting a belly shot and saying “Guess who’s preggers? April fools!” But Hubs argued that some people can’t take a joke. So I decided not to do it.

An Afternoon in the Park

holding daddy's hand

reaching for daddy

swinging along

discovering the seesaw

mommy + bri

dreams of being a big girl

tic tac toe

Who says dreams don’t come true?

There were five tiny houses across the street and each was painted a different color. Their little porches and upper balconies were so cute despite the lack of space between them. In front of each house there were exactly two apple trees, but each house had a different color of apple growing. The blue house had green apples. The yellow house had red apples and so on.

Our house was much bigger and the wrap around porch with ceiling fans gave off a plantation era feel, even though the house had just been constructed. We stood together, looking out our fat wooden blinds at the five houses taking up the same amount of space across the street. It was beautiful. Then we decided to go on a walk.

At this point, the dream morphed. Hubster became Officer Hubster and when I looked down, I was wearing a uniform too. Behind us there were a few other officers trudging along and we were listening intently to Hubs because he was our boss.

At this point in my retelling of the dream, you’d hear real live Hubs butt in to ask “Were we married?”

I pause to consider the question. “I’m not sure honey. We were together, but it was more like a sidekick kind of thing. You were like Batman and I was like Robin. I don’t know if we were married.”

So back to the dream. Hubster was explaining to us the importance of not using the apples as weapons against bad guys. Remember all of the apple trees across the street? Well, there was an abundance of apples all over the ground as a result. So Hubs wanted us to know that even if a bad guy should come racing past at that exact moment, we should not throw any apples at him. Or her.

“But what if the bad guy was about to get away?” My dream-self protested. He shook his head at me. We continued walking for a long way to the sub station and the whole way there we argued about the use of apples as weapons.

When we reached the sub station, it was the size of a closet. Hubs sat at a desk and we scrunched together on the floor at his feet. It was night shift, so we were all going to have to stay awake for the night. Hubs asked if anyone wanted a Coke. I offered to go back to the house to get drinks for everyone. Hubster said to make sure I got myself a Coke too, because I’d need the caffeine to stay up. I disagreed. I told him that I could stay up just fine without any caffeine.

At this point, Hubster butts in again, “So we were married then.”

“What do you mean?” I said while pulling my mussed up hair back in a rubber band.

“We were arguing. So we must’ve been married.”

Both of us laughed. “I guess so.” I mused. “But seriously, you could use an apple as a weapon, couldn’t you?”

“No,” Hubs replied. “I was right in your dream. You wouldn’t throw an apple at a bad guy.”

I stared at him incredulously. “Are you kidding with me? Because surely you could throw an apple at a bad guy!”

Hubster countered with a fine argument on the intricacies of level of force and training. He finally convinced me that an apple would indeed be a poor choice for a weapon.

And there you have it. I dreamed about arguing with my Hubs and then I woke up and continued the argument. It was the BEST dream ever! And I’m very weird. Unless you haven’t figured that out by now.

Friday Flowers – Week 6 -

Hubster came home with an assortment of flowers this week so that I could make an arrangement. I had a blast moving through the kitchen, snipping stems and rearranging. This beautiful crystal pitcher was a wedding gift and I’ve only used it a handful of times. So I thought it would be perfect for an asymmetrical flower arrangement.

assymetrical arrangement

I must say that this has been my favorite edition of the weekly flowers so far. So pretty!

close up

Friday Flowers – Week 5 -

Hubster has outdone himself again this week with my beautiful birthday promise flowers.

sunny sun flowers

A few months after our engagement, Hubster went on a mission trip to the island of Corsica for spring break. He enjoyed balmy oceanic breezes and exotic accents while I slaved away at the Kaplan office, getting soaked as I dashed out to my car in the rain each evening, and working to finish my preparations for the MCAT. Every night he would call me with news of the latest adventure. Every night my heart broke at the physical distance between us. It was the l..o..n..g..e..s..t.. week of my life.

blue ceramic vase

Somewhere along the way on that trip, he found this beautiful blue ceramic vase and bought it for me. He wrapped all of his clothes around it and stuffed paper inside so that it wouldn’t break on the flight home. We rode homefrom the airport in the backseat of his parent’s mini-van with our fingers and arms entertwined. He absent-mindedly twirled my engagement ring around my finger. We laughed at his perfect impersonation of the French accent. I remember sighing happily at the thought that I’d never have to let him go off on a trip without me again.

Friday Flowers – Week 4

This week’s flower selection is a bit different from the past few weeks. You see, the weather has been really wet for the past few days. And somewhere over the course of the last year I lost my rain coat. So rather than spend money on flowers this weekend, I wanted to buy this cutie-patootie rain coat (which has a flowery lining so it still counts). I found it at Old Navy ( %50 off) and with the money I “saved,”  I bought this purple scarf too!

flowery rain coat

Hubster didn’t want to lose the romance of our new weekly ritual, so he wrote me a poem and sketched a few flowers. It doesn’t get much better than that! I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Life is good.

flowery words

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

My sweet girl has been sick for the past few days. We’ve been treating her with antibiotics and going about our busy lives. But last night her fever spiked to 103.3 and she had a few strange little red patches on her hands and face. So today I took her to the doctor. AGAIN.

angel haired girl

She’s maintained a fever for most of the day, but the rash disappeared. After a couple of very long naps, she seemed her usual sunny self this afternoon.

my silly girl

I took advantage of her slower speed to capture a few pictures. Usually I’d have to chase her from room to room, but today she seemed content to bounce around the kitchen while her daddy loaded the dishwasher.

intent thinker

Yes, you heard me right. I sat around and snapped pictures while my Hubster loaded the dishwasher. Because in addition to his weekly ritual of buying me flowers, doing all of the laundry and generally rocking out the AWESOME category, Hubs has taken it upon himself to do the dishes lately. It sort of started with a deal one evening where we agreed that I’d give Bri the bath if he’d do the dishes. Next night, same thing. Slowly that has become our routine. And now he just seems to tackle them in the middle of the day!

Hubster does the dishes

Too bad he’s taken, huh ladies? Back up missy! He is mine, all mine!

Friday Flowers – Weeks 2 & 3

Lest you think that my dear Hubs fell off his flowery bandwagon within a month of my birthday, let me set your mind at rest. He did indeed get me flowers last week. They doubled as Valentine’s day flowers. In the past he’s always hated buying me flowers on Valentine’s Day because the prices are so astronomically high. So after he brought home an arrangement that he thought should suffice, we talked about creative Valentine’s Day options for future holidays (assuming he’s still crazy enough to stay with me for that long!)

friday flowers weeks 2 n 3

I mentioned that he could buy rose bushes for about $10 at a local home and garden store. He thought that was a brilliant idea. Especially since it means that we can have roses year after year. So today he came home with TWO rose bushes for my Friday flowers. He found them on sale for $6 each. I am so in love with that man!

nobody’s forcing me to say this

Do you ever get the feeling that Valentine’s Day is a little bit forced? I mean, yesterday for instance, I saw two grown men. One was in a motorized wheel chair and the other was wearing raggedy clothes and they were both moseying down the street with a dozen roses. The wheelchair guy had his bouquet of bright red flowers stuffed in the basket on the front of his scooter. Now seriously, when do you ever see that? Only at Valentine’s Day!

So I want to begin this post by saying that I would say this on any day. My Hubs absolutely ROCKS! And now I’m going to tell you why. Scroll over the pictures to read the captions.

he makes me laugh

he likes to build things

he adores our daughter

he treasures his family

he sets my heart on fire

he buys me flowers

daddy's little helper

dad in action

he's my hero

he's HAWT and he knows it

Friday Flowers – Week 1

yellow tulips and bri

Hubster remembered his birthday promise today! I came home to a beautiful arrangement of tulips. After a crazy stressful day at work, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see such a pretty bouquet. I jumped up and down squealing! I think I’m going to LOVE this year of flowers thing.


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