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It actually snowed. Miracles do happen.

All photos copyrighted 2010 by Cindy Streams Photography. All rights reserved. Don’t steal without permission.

Day 4 ~ Ring Shots

Another excuse to play with a fun lens! Taken with the macro addition added onto my lensbaby muse. I placed my engagement and wedding rings on my red pajamas and shot away! Not nearly as glamorous as it looks.

I had the hardest time choosing one of these for the shot of the day. Which one’s your favorite?

Day 3 ~ Twinkle Lights

Today I took a self portrait in front of the Christmas tree. I used my 50mm f1.8 lens which has a really shallow depth of field. I wanted most of the image to be blurry except my face. Problem? It’s hard to use your eyeball to focus on your own eyeball. I got pretty close. Here’s how I did it!

First I set up my camera on a stool so that it was approximately eye level with me when I was sitting on the ground. Then I used one of Bri’s new toys (I’m in the middle of wrapping presents over here) on a similar stool to focus in on. I set the focus to be sharpest on the number 24.

Then I hit the auto-timer setting and scooted over to push the play-doh stool out of the way. I tried to line up my eyes with the spot where the 24 had been. And here is the result:

My bangs were more in focus than my eyes, but I liked the twinkle so much that I didn’t care. I think my smile looks a little weird in this one but it was the second runner up:

Day 2 ~ Treat

Today’s seven day theme was “treat.” I know I’m going to sound so spoiled, but it took me most of the day to pick out a treat for this shot. I had an abundance of options but I couldn’t pick one!

Hubster finally suggested that we go get hot fudge sundaes and rent some movies. That made my ears perk up! So we headed over to *Bruster’s ~ much to Bridoodle’s delight! She loves ice cream!

It was too cold outside to play for very long. Hubster was only patient enough to let me set the auto-timer twice. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to get the shot that fast. Usually I toss out dozens of outtakes.

Did I mention that I have the best family ever? I think setting up the shot was the real treat!

*And just in case you’re curious, I didn’t receive any type of compensation for this post. I don’t do reviews. I just like capturing life as we live it.

Day 1 ~ Christmas Time is Here!

It’s time for another seven days run! I love this quaterly tradition. Every few months we reconnect with friends by posting self portraits and explaining the stories going on around ourselves. Last year I started out the Christmas run working at home all alone. I had a huge portfolio due at the end of January and I needed to spend Christmas break working on the tedious parts.

This year, I’m taking a break from both jobs. I only have one photo shoot scheduled for my two week vacation. (That’s the best I could do. I am a workaholic after all!)

So I did a mini-shoot with Bridoodle this afternoon and captured some of our Christmas things. I used this mirror again so that the tree could be in the background. I also used lots of Windex but the mirror kept getting covered in tiny handprints. Bridoodle thought that they added character.

While Bri and I played with the camera and the tree, Hubster hung my new picture frames on the wall behind me. I’m in the process of creating a matching gallery for the living room. We’ve designed it to work as a studio for me. Santa’s bringing me some equipment that will allow me to do indoor shoots in the colder months to come.

We had to pull the tree away from its spot for the frame installations. I love the way the lights glowed off of the hearth tiles. This one below ended up being my favorite shot from the series.

It was fun to spend some time relaxing and remembering the joys of Christmas. Somehow it seems a lot more stressful as I get older. I have to make myself pause to reflect on the meaning and wonder of it all.

tiny moment amidst a busy day

Today I did my first staged wedding shoot. It’s the first step of a giant project for the premiere wedding venue in my small town. I was positively giddy when I discovered a few weeks ago that I’d gotten the green light for the job. My twitter peeps may remember a secret that I was bursting to share. This was it.

So many things were up in the air for the shoot, including the weather. There were several days when I thought we’d have to (insert screaching brake sounds) post. pone. I had several models cancel for various reasons. But the day came together and went off with only one major hiccup. My very nice, external flash that I paid full price for a month ago (grrr…) decided not to work today. I have a feeling that it will sort itself out, but we didn’t get any of the indoor pictures that I’d planned to capture.

My favorite moment of the day: Bridoodle was traipsing around the gorgeously restored old mansion in her flower girl finery. She was singing one of her favorite songs as she skipped and hopped through the room. A sweet grandmotherly lady asked, “Is she singing Jesus loves me?” I blushed, “No… err… she’s singing ‘You’ll do it. You’ll use the potty. It’s a song from Sesame Street.’” Still giggling about that!

Two Year Old Cutie

Here’s a cutie pie that I photographed for his second birthday. Isnt’ he adorable?

You can see more pictures of him on my professional blog! Enjoy!






lost in the beauty of it all

I’m having a hard time finding a place in the Flickr-verse. On Twitter I feel comfortable. If I show up then I can chat comfortably with 500 of my closest friends. If I take a two month leave of absence, no one misses me. Facebook also feels like home. I know lots of people and it’s fun to check in on them at my convenience. It’s a great way to waste time when I should be folding laundry or doing the dishes. (Kind of like blogging ;o)

But Flickr, oh Flickr. I have a hard time there. My little networks have either fizzled out or grown ginormous. It’s not comfortable anymore. I don’t have a niche.

There’s also something about Flickr that brings out the insecure high school girl in me. “Oh that picture is breath-taking. I’ll never shoot anything as good as that. I should just take down my photography website. I stink.”

I’ve seen the camaraderie of the 365 group and it is alluring. It always amazes me when someone has 20 or more comments on a Flickr photo. But I struggle to make it through one run of 7days. How could I possibly take and edit a year’s worth of photos in addition to all that I’m already doing?

I’ve also seen people who add each and every photo that they take to twenty or so groups. I guess that does increase the number of comments that you’ll get but it seems a little strange to me. Like a combination of cheating and grandiose thinking.

I’d like to find a group where my pictures don’t seem to be swallowed up in a sea of gorgeous pictures. I want to find a small enough group where I can comment on everyone’s stuff without being swamped. I’d really like to find a group that challenges me without making me feel like a horrible photographer. Does that exist? Have you found something like that? Let me in on your secrets!

doesn’t everybody?

Some of you noticed in an earlier post that I took Bri’s picture on top of a coffee table in the middle of our driveway. Doesn’t everybody do that? Well, lest you think that I’m crazier than I really am, let me explain. No, let me sum up.


My parents gave us a coffee table set when we were newlyweds. It was perfect for our tiny apartment, next to our free sofa that we picked up off the curb. A few years later, we upgraded to a new house and big pretty sofas. The coffee table suddenly became too small. So it went into storage along with the end tables that match it.


This past weekend I finally decided we should get rid of the set. I decided to sell them on craigslist but I was too lazy to post a picture. An interested buyer e-mailed me asking for a picture. So I made Hubs get them out of the garage for me. We wiped them down so that I could photograph them. It seems that Bri had other plans though! She thought they were new toys!



She was so excited about them that I decided not to sell them. In fact I’m going to take them out on my next photo shoot! Who knew I had such great props just sitting around in my garage all this time?


a flower for you



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