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What a Rough Day

Well, when I set out at 8am this morning (actually 8:30 but I’m jumping ahead of myself). I had no idea that I wouldn’t be getting home again until 9pm. It was a very trying day. To begin with I ran out the door late this morning and unlocked my car. Then, just like every day, I slung my heavy bag over into the passenger seat. Unlike every other day, though, my keys went flying into thin air! I looked high and low. Frantic digging under seats and through my bag ensued. I unzipped my purse just to make sure that they hadn’t magically fallen in there and zipped themselves closed. Mind you the clock is ticking and I was late to start with. Finally after I had a fit of hysteria, the Hubster found them up underneath the driver’s seat. I still don’t see how they landed there. And that was the beginning of our rough day.
A little while later Hubs decided to leave early for work. He discovered that the battery in the truck had died. Luckily our neighbor across the street was home and willing to help jump my Hubby off. So he made it to work on time but frazzled.
After work he called me and I detoured from my route towards home so that we could take his car to the shop to get fixed. Somewhere in the conversation his phone cut out and refused to work for 15 very long minutes. We had to actually just meet in person and then of course it started working again. After we had a fresh new battery for the truck, we drove around in circles looking for a particular school supply store that was having a special on USB jump drives. We literally drove to the wrong place three times before we found the right store on the fourth try. Frustrations galore!
So since it had been such a tiring day we stopped in at one of our favorite restaurants to have dinner. We laughed about what a crazy day it had been and enjoyed just resting together. Then we went outside to go home and low and behold my car wouldn’t start. It was unreal. I mean all of this in one day! We tried to jump it off but it refused. A few of the lights would flicker and the radio would come on but the car wouldn’t start. It wouldn’t even turn over. It just sort of gurgled at us. And then while we were standing there sweaty with our car hoods up and looking oh so redneck, I saw an old high school friend and her fiance! Have you ever noticed how you always see people that you’ve really wanted to see at the worst possible times? Anyway, the car refused to start. So we called a tow truck. We crashed my friend’s date while we waited for the tow truck to come and we ordered dessert. I had a lot of fun catching up with her. Even still, I’m so tired. Whew! What a day!


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  1. Hey! I hope things are going well. I’m so excited for you and David. I can’t believe you’re having a baby. You’re going to make a great mom. Just wanted to say Hi! Have a great weekend!

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