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Mom Advice Wanted

It’s a lot harder to get Bri into the crib than I thought it would be. She seems to wake up the second I put her down. How did you transition your kids into the crib? What tricks do you have up your sleeve? I’ve tried letting her cry and checking on her every ten minutes. But she just gets more and more worked up. I can’t stand it more than thirty minutes. Help!


9 Responses

  1. Some babies have a really tough time with the transition since the crib is SO big. With NHL we had to fold back the bumpers to make a smaller section for him to be comfortable in. JSL was completely different, he took to the crib quickly and loved the open space. Another thing to try is a sound machine. Most babies are soothed by the sound of waves and running water. JSL loves my old sound machine – it’s magic. Mind you, I will admit, both boys are tummy sleepers. . . so we could also pat their backs to help soothe them. We had a back sleeping scare with NHL and switched to tummy sleeping once they were able to move their heads well.

    One other thing, look for cues of Bri being tired. There’s nothing worse than trying to calm down an overtired baby.

    Good luck and feel free to e-mail me if you need anything and remember there’s no rule that a baby HAS to sleep in a crib.

  2. This probably isn’t what you want to hear, but…Annalie didn’t sleep in a crib till she was 17 months old. 🙂 She slept fitfully in a bassinet till she was 3 weeks old, and then she wouldn’t sleep at all unless she was right next to one of us. But when she slept in our bed, she slept for hours and hours at a time. So, even though we had not planned on it AT ALL, co-sleeping ended up being what we did for nine months. And it was great for us, and we were all well-rested. (After 9mos Annalie slept in an Amby, which was like a miracle for us.)

    What works for one baby won’t necessarily work for another, though. And like theangelforever said, there is no rule a baby HAS to sleep in a crib. I guess what I am saying is, sometimes you have to keep an open mind and do what works. Good luck–the sleep thing is a toughie. I will be praying for you! 🙂

  3. Really? I felt like such a failure. I’m so glad to hear that you both broke the rules too. I want to be a good mom so badly. But it seems impossible to do everything according to the textbook.

  4. Hey girl! I waited till three months old to do the crib with all of mine – it seemed to work well then. I started by doing the training during the day time naps so that I could let them cry and practice and not be needing to sleep myself. Then at night we would go back to WHATEVER WORKED! With one it was a bassinet,one the bouncy seat w/ vibrator, and one the car seat carrier! Then after they got accustomed to the crib and were falling asleep fairly qiuckly I would try the crib at night. Bri is still pretty young and it’s hard to set any real great patterns this soon, BUT I know you may be getting tired of the couch thing. That little round pink bouncy seat looks very comfy – you might try something like that. Don’t get discouraged. There are lots of good things to come – this is the “hang in there” part!

    You are a GREAT mom! What makes a good mom isn’t the technical stuff of motherhood – it’s your heart. You are loving her and will raise her by modeling Jesus to her. That’s the best gift you can give her. Love you – Holly

  5. Holly- you’re such a great encourager. I really appreciate it. :o)

    When we took Bri to her doctor’s appointment Monday the nurse kind of freaked out that we’ve been co-sleeping on the couch. She told me to nip that in the bud immediately … or else I would be on the couch for the rest of my life. She said to put Bri in the crib and just let her cry. So I practicd during the day Tuesday and as you can imagine it was a terrible day. I was not a happy camper by the time David got home. And I sort of gave up after that because we were all so miserable. I think I’ll try the car seat again instead. She seems to sleep fairly well in it and it has the bonus of being easy to move and travel with.

  6. PS- Maybe I’m a sucker but I don’t think this whole “just let her cry” thing is such a great idea. I can understand the ten minute test to see if she falls asleep but instead she seems to start and stop over and over. She can cry for 30-45 minutes with lots of little breaks. I tried soothing her after each ten minutes but then I pick her up again.

  7. Oh how I remember those days! Mine are 9 & 4. Four yr old still screams to get in bed with us. ha! You must find what is right for you and don’t go by the book; use the book as a guide, she is a unique, wonderful person. You know her better than anyone. One thing; the longer the crying, whining, goes and then you give in that ONLY REINFORCES that behavior. I learned it the hard way with mine and I’m hoping you can avoid it! You have a lovely family! God bless you!

  8. I swaddled Evan until he was 8 or 9 MONTHS old! Neil wouldn’t be swaddled past 6 weeks… you just have to figure out what works for your baby. I love the Fisher Price aquarium and Baby Tad too…. they seem to distract babies long enough for them to fall asleep. Hope things are going well!

  9. I want to post a comment from the perspective of both a mother and a grandmother. I have two daughters now aged 18 & 22, both still living at home. Both of them were co-sleepers when they were babies, and will still sometimes ask to sleep with mama. When my daughter was pregnant she slept with me almost the entire nine months. She was fearful of something happening in the night and she wouldn’t be able to wake me or get to my room When she gave birth to her first child, my grandson, he quickly became a co-sleeper too. I couldn’t stand the thoughts of him fussing when we put him in a bassinet or tried to move him to his crib so the ultimate resolution was for him to sleep with ‘someone’, whether it be me, his mom, or his aunt. Lil’ Man rarely ever sleeps more than a couple of hours in his own bed. He wants to be close and we let him. There is absolutely no need for a baby to feel overwhelmed and stressed when it’s sleep time. As long as it works for you and your husband keep that precious little angel close by. The day will come when she finally wants her own space. That’s when you’ll want to be prepared to decorate her own special space for her to sleep.
    Hang in there … they grow up so fast …enjoy cuddling with her at night and you’ll quickly find that both of you will get more sleep than you would trying to make a transition that isn’t working for either of you.

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