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Practicing for New Year’s

Since January usually catches me by surprise I have, in the past, tried out possible resolutions a little early. Two years ago I practiced making the switch to diet coke. The secret was to order a large diet coke at the movie theater. After the opening scenes my tongue would go numb and stop protesting the icky sweetness of aspartame. It only took a few movies before I’d mastered the taste of diet coke. I made the switch quite easily on New Year’s and I stuck to my resolution too!!!! I did have to switch back to regular sodas when I found out I was pregnant (over a year later) but I plan to be a diet girl again one day. (While I’m nursing I don’t want the caffeine to keep me and the munchkin awake at night!)
Anyway, I’ve been working on a few life improvements, so to speak. Here’s the list in no certain order.

*Working Out- I want to at least take a walk each weekday. And do crunches. (This has been a resolution for me about a gazillion times. I’ve made it to February before, but that’s my personal best).

*Memorizing Bible Verses- When I was in high school the super cool thing to do in youth group, was to memorize chapters, yes I did say CHAPTERS, of the Bible. I don’t have the time or the brain power to do that now. Although it was fun back then! But I would love to memorize a verse a week. For my practice I’m starting a weekly Memory Verse Monday post so that y’all can keep me accountable and maybe you might want some practice too…

*Littler Lists- I got this idea from Hadias’s post on simple homemaking. My daily lists are almost always overwhelming. She suggests only listing six items per day. If there are more items then add them to tomorrow’s list. Today I started on this one and it has made me feel so productive. I’m already half way through my list and I’m not overwhelmed!!

*Becoming G rated- It’s not cool to be PG-13 anymore. I need to censor what comes out of my mouth in front of my baby. And honestly even when I’m away from her I want to be G rated too. Or maybe PG. I need to practice, like I said.

So, these are a few things I’m working on. How about you? What are you looking to change in 2008? Hopefully, with a few trials and lots of errors now, I’ll be able to make these changes stick in January!


2 Responses

  1. Hey~

    I love the resolution list. All of it. The working out…I’m so into that. It was so hard for me but now I love the gym and the results.

    The littler list…a sanity saver.

    Your signature…so cute.

    The G rated converstions…will so change the direction of your children future. They absorb everything. It’s great that you’ve observed that you could be doing better.

    Great post. I always begin refelcting around this time of year. I’ll be jotting down some improvements for next year as well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for linking to it.

  2. The littler lists thing has been something I have been working on lately too. Josh says I’m the queen of lists sometimes b/c i have millions of them! I’m sure you’ve seen my dad’s index card lists- I get it from him! But making shorter list really does help you accomplish more. it also helps you prioritize and do what’s the most important! And the sense of accomplishment is awesome too! you should check out http://www.zenhabits.com. they have lots of posts about how to develop habits!

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