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A Review of 2007 *Giveaway Challenge*

2007 has been an amazing year! And I thought it would be fun to remember a few special days. In random order I’ve posted pictures from my life in 2007 (the letter is listed BENEATH the photo). Do you think you can put them in the correct order? The first person to list them in the correct chronological order in my comments section will be the winner of a $25 Target gift card. I honestly have no idea how long this might last. I hope it isn’t too easy. I’ll post the captions and dates for the pictures when I announce the winner. Have fun! And Happy New Year’s Eve!!

Only one entry per person please.

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G


A Day of Firsts

Yesterday, I took the Brimeister to the mall to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales. We had so much fun! Earlier that morning Bri recognized herself in the mirror for the first time. Usually she just ignores the baby in the mirror and studies the Mommy in the mirror. It was really fun to watch her surprise as the baby in the mirror mimicked her every move. She started smiling and laughing. I loved it! So while we were at the mall I took her to the Macy’s dressing room and showed her the tri-fold mirror. There were babies all over the place! She was mesmerized. I loved watching her face light up as she recognized each one. Her eyes kept bouncing from one baby to the next and then up at all the Mommies.

She also showed real interest in a toy for the first time yesterday. While we were waiting for our lunch I started playing with one of her pacifiers; making it zoom around her car seat. She followed it with her eyes for a really long time and tried to grab it. She could follow it vertically and horizontally. And when I brought it in towards her nose she would go cross-eyed! So cute! We had lots of fun shopping. It was a very special Mommy-daughter day.

At least pediatricians have good job security…

We had to cut our Christmas visit short. Who knew that kids get sick so much? I’ve been battling a juicy cough and a raspy voice myself, for two weeks now and on Christmas Eve, Bri started coughing too. So on Christmas Day we packed up our things and headed home. We didn’t get to visit any of the Hubby’s extended family as planned. That turned out to be a smart choice when we found out the next day at the pediatrician’s office that Bri has RSV. Did I mention, that I’m not a big fan of RSV? It’s a virus that your body just doesn’t make a good immune response too. Even people like me who have fabulous immune systems (and I’m not exaggerating here, just ask my Mom) will still catch RSV over and over again. So it definitely would not have been a good thing to bring it over to Christmas dinner.
Luckily, she has a fairly mild case. She isn’t wheezing yet. But that may come. She seems pretty happy too. She eats and smiles like normal. Although we’re napping a lot more than usual because we seem to be up even more frequently in the night. All in all, I think we’ve seen Bri’s pediatrician more times in the last three and a half months than I’ve ever seen a doctor in all my 25 years. Well, except for my own pediatrician, maybe. And my medical school professors. But seriously, who knew kids get sick so much? And why didn’t you tell me?

Notes on Holiday Traveling

Our Christmas traveling craziness has begun. And since I am an overachiever among overachievers, I decided not only to visit all of our families this year, but also to schedule visits with friends. And here are a few tips I’ve picked up that may help you with your own holiday traveling.

Tip #1~ When staying with family, make sure you are the first to arrive at the house where you will be staying. This ensures that you get to stay in the best room. And staying in the best room means that Mommy won’t be throwing a temper tantrum the night before you leave.

Tip #2~ Take advantage of free babysitting while you’re on the road. Everyone benefits! Grandparents want to spend time with the little one and you need a break after that long trip.

Tip #3~ When scheduling a visit with that particular couple who seems to be booked three months in advance, try a nice Sunday breakfast. One of my dearest friends from childhood seems to always have a busy schedule. We’ve started a little tradition of having breakfast before church on the weekends when I’m in town. It’s been so much fun!

Tip #4~ Remember the magic of Christmas and don’t let silly things spoil your memory making time. When you get frustrated during your trip, which always happens, keep in mind that funny stories are often born from frustration.

Merry Christmas to all! Drive safe now, ya hear?


We’re running low on diapers and cough drops around here, which means it’s time to take a trip to the gigantic overflowing supercrazy packed with people store. I’m dreading it. I was going to go yesterday, but when I saw all of the cars in the parking lot I turned around and drove away. The parking lot could hold five football fields but it wouldn’t hold one more car!
I’ve been thinking about how much I hate going to this particular store and I’ve come to the conclusion that they should sell ‘front-of-the-line passes’ like the ones that you find at theme parks. When you purchase a ‘front-of-the-line pass’ to Wally World you would get a front row parking spot and a buggy that does not veer to the left. You would get a little card that you swipe through a scanner when you go down an aisle and all the other customers would have to move out of your way quickly so you could get to the items you need. And there would be special bathrooms that are luxurious and not smelly at all. They would have an adorable baby changing area that was semi-private and not in anyone’s way. But most importantly, after you’d spent all your time and energy finding your buggy full of purchases, you would be able to walk up to an empty register where a very polite person would happily ring you up and let you be on your way. Ahh! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Christmas stories

My friend, Melissa, is posting Christmas stories over at her blog this week. And I’ve had so much fun reading them! It made me remember a few stories of my own. I would love to read your Christmas stories, too! Feel free to share them here or leave your blog address in the comments section.

favorite childhood Christmas memory: When we were little girls, my sister and I would spend hours putting together a train set that ran around the base of our Christmas tree. All of our Lego’s would be puddled around the tree where we would build train stations and arches for the train to pass through. We would adjust the speed of the train so that it would zoom around the tree, causing Lego buildings to tumble which would usually send the train skidding off the track with tiny sparks flying.
We had a collection of Christmas movies that we loved to watch over and over. Our favorite was a collection of clay-mation animals singing Christmas songs.
Daddy would get a fire roaring in the fireplace and we would huddle around the tree watching movies and building Lego sets. Then on Christmas Eve we would gather around the fire in the living room and Daddy would read us the Christmas story from Luke.

favorite teen aged Christmas memory: Our church, back in the day, put on a huge dramatic production called The Singing Tree. The adult choir filled out a huge Christmas tree with all sorts of lights on it. And each year there was a new drama production to go along with the singing. The story changed each year but it always included the same nativity story. And there were lots of parts for teen aged girls! I remember dressing up as all sorts of roles and racing around back stage to get my costume changed before the next scene. Mary Kay was a huge seller in our church so the make-up room was full of Mary Kay samples that were brought in by the ladies. I remember trying on lipsticks and eye-shadows between shows. Usually we performed between 6 and 8 shows per weekend, two weekends in a row. And the tickets, which were released at the end of October would be sold out in a couple of days.

favorite adult Christmas memory: For the past few years, my favorite part of Christmas has been hosting our annual Christmas party. I love making yummy foods and setting out the Christmas serving trays. All of our guests bring gifts to swap. Gifts have ranged from steam-cookers, to toilet seat covers, to singing stuffed reindeer and everywhere in between. Then, after the gift swap, we play round after round of Mafia. So much fun! I’m almost always the first person to be killed. Sadly we weren’t able to host the party this year. Maybe next year!

okay, maybe not perfect

Since my last post I’ve changed four poopy diapers (a new record around here), three of Bri’s outfits, and given her a bath. She’s been messy and fussy ever since I had my little happy moment (during which I just happened to be blogging). And it started raining.

It’s a character-building day.