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Running low

That’s how you could describe my life lately. We’re running low on everything. It feels like I’m just squeaking by in so many categories. I’m running low on sleep, clean bottles, gas, cheese, time, energy, ink for the printer and well … just about everything else you can think of.

Thank goodness I will always have plenty of grace from my Savior! He’s never low on that.

Romans 5:20 “… but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.”


Bri’s First Bowl of Mush

“This is what food tastes like? Yuck!”

grilling out

The weather has been unseasonably warm lately so we took advantage of it this evening. Hubster cut the grass and is now pulling steaks off the grill. The view across our yard is beautiful as the sun sets in the distance. It’s serene and perfect. The air smells like freshly cut grass with a hint of onion. Moments like this don’t seem to come along often enough. I just wanted to bottle this one up so I could enjoy it again later.

wrapped and unread

In one of my past lives ~ the one where I was a struggling medical school student ~ I purchased a two year subscription for a trendy home decorating magazine called Domino. Mostly I just wanted the free tote that came with the subscription but I also really liked the magazine back then. It had lots of interesting ideas for arranging furniture.

Somehow the furniture in our house has changed since then. The pictures in the magazine never seem to have baby toys scattered around or bouncer seats in the corners. And the idea of paying $1000 for a plastic Lucite chair seems ludicrous!

Now the magazine mostly serves as a monthly reminder that I’m way too busy. Today when I found the March issue in the mailbox I could hardly believe it. The February issue is still wrapped in plastic and sitting on the dryer! I don’t even have time to open them anymore!

I can’t stand morons …

Yeah, yeah. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. I’m a little grumpy after surviving the marathon virus that’s been keeping our family sick for the past week. So I’m a little paranoid when it comes to taking Bri out in public. When we went through the checkout at the store today I purposefully turned the carseat around on top of the buggy so that nosy neighbors wouldn’t stick their hands in her face. As I was fishing for exact change, I was shocked and frustrated to see the clerk reach out across the lane so that he could tickle my baby on the hand.

You can imagine my speechless fury when I glanced up to see a single droplet of clear snot hanging off of his nose. Who knows what will be making us sick now?

Our little talker

the difference between spit-up and vomit

Our house has turned into a quarantined area over the weekend and I’ve become both a pediatric nurse and a patient. Yesterday, the baby vomited no less than eight times! Most of the vomiting occurred while I was holding her which resulted in many outfit changes for the both of us. Since I’ve become a resident expert on the differences between spitting-up and vomiting, I thought I might offer an education to those less fortunate than myself in this important area.

Spitting-up occurs on a daily basis in our house. In fact, it happens so frequently that it has become barely a blip on the radar. I find myself frequently swiping it off my clothes and dabbing them dry. No big deal. We’ve taken to adorning darling little Bri with a bib so that her clothes are rarely soiled by the post-bottle dribble. It usually looks like she spilled a little bit of cottage cheese on her bib. Then the bib is whisked away and Voila! no more messiness.

Vomiting, however, does not happen so frequently. In the past, these experiences occurred only once in a blue moon and tended to be embarrassing because she has had a knack for emptying her stomach contents around guests. Yesterday, however, she set a new puking record for herself with an amazing 8 upchucks in 14 hours. (Please, God, don’t let her ever break that particular record again.) Now, I like to use the word vomit rather than spit-up here because watching her hurl was like watching someone pour half a gallon of sour milk out of a jug. Forgive me for being graphic. It’s important, those of you preparing to have children, that you have a clear picture of what I’m describing. Because when you find yourself dripping with hot sour milk, don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you. Most likely you’ll gag (I did). But then, hopefully, your heart will swell with love and pity for your poor darling and you’ll take care of her. Because that’s your job as a mom.

And then you’ll start researching vasectomies.