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the difference between spit-up and vomit

Our house has turned into a quarantined area over the weekend and I’ve become both a pediatric nurse and a patient. Yesterday, the baby vomited no less than eight times! Most of the vomiting occurred while I was holding her which resulted in many outfit changes for the both of us. Since I’ve become a resident expert on the differences between spitting-up and vomiting, I thought I might offer an education to those less fortunate than myself in this important area.

Spitting-up occurs on a daily basis in our house. In fact, it happens so frequently that it has become barely a blip on the radar. I find myself frequently swiping it off my clothes and dabbing them dry. No big deal. We’ve taken to adorning darling little Bri with a bib so that her clothes are rarely soiled by the post-bottle dribble. It usually looks like she spilled a little bit of cottage cheese on her bib. Then the bib is whisked away and Voila! no more messiness.

Vomiting, however, does not happen so frequently. In the past, these experiences occurred only once in a blue moon and tended to be embarrassing because she has had a knack for emptying her stomach contents around guests. Yesterday, however, she set a new puking record for herself with an amazing 8 upchucks in 14 hours. (Please, God, don’t let her ever break that particular record again.) Now, I like to use the word vomit rather than spit-up here because watching her hurl was like watching someone pour half a gallon of sour milk out of a jug. Forgive me for being graphic. It’s important, those of you preparing to have children, that you have a clear picture of what I’m describing. Because when you find yourself dripping with hot sour milk, don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you. Most likely you’ll gag (I did). But then, hopefully, your heart will swell with love and pity for your poor darling and you’ll take care of her. Because that’s your job as a mom.

And then you’ll start researching vasectomies.


5 Responses

  1. A word of thought or suggestion regarding a vomiting baby or vomiting anyone for that matter (and this comes from a seasoned Mom & Grandma!)

    When spit-up turns to vomit take away the dairy products, including formula. Pedelite, Gatorade, and flat Sprite are much better choices for vomiting. The dairy products/formula will only increase the nausea while the little one is suffering from the ‘stomach bug’

    The key is to keep them hydrated when they are sick versus keeping them fed. They will make up for missed food when their little tummys are feeling better and the nausea has passed. Another positive is not having them continue to vomit soured milk!

    I hope Bri is feeling better soon!

  2. Thanks for the tip! Makes sense.

  3. Sorry I never called you guys back. After I got your second message, you sounded like you were doing ok and I didn’t want to risk calling and waking you guys up if you’d finally gotten a chance to sleep. I hope that you’re all feeling better…and if you ever call and can’t reach me on my cell just call the house. We were home, just didn’t hear my phone ring!
    Oh. And you’re so lucky that Bri’s generally a spitter only. Tucker and Emmie both had reflux so bad that after every feed for almost the whole first year, we’d get a half gallon of sour milk back. And once they started on baby food it was even nastier! Yuck! I don’t miss that part, I assure you! But I’m glad that you don’t have to deal with too much, and I hope she’s doing better.

  4. Silly question here, but is Bri getting any teeth in? My niece is the same age as Bri and getting her first chomper. She is also vomiting a lot now thanks to the excess acid and saliva causing gagging and the large quantities of vomit. JSL has this happen each time a new tooth is coming in and we are on number seven now. . . plus he gets the runs (talk about ick!).

    Hugs to you and happy healthy baby vibes coming your way.

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