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Penny for your thoughts

In a few weeks I expect to host a ladies small group Bible study in our home. In my previous experiences with Bible studies I was always a participant. Never a leader. Since this is my first time, I’m sort of unsure about what we should do. Here are a few ideas I’ve had. Let me know what you think about them or if you have any suggestions about Bible study throw those in too!

1. Journal time- I thought it would be neat to open with time for silent reflection and journaling. For five minutes we would write down anything on our minds. It might be grocery items, prayer requests, thoughts about the day or the angry things I wanted to say at the driver who cut me off on the way.

2. Q & A – This won’t be a lecture format. It will be discussion oriented. I’m not sure what book we will use. That’s still up in the air.

3. Infants welcome – Allowing babies to come is sort of a risky move. They came be pretty distracting. However, I’ve found that if I can’t bring my baby to an event I’m probably not going to go. She’s just too young to find a sitter. And finding a sitter once a week would add up really fast.

What ideas do you have? I can use a lot of help!


10 Responses

  1. One idea that worked for us was to get a regular sitter to come to the main home and keep all the kids in one room, and then everyone chip in on the cost. That way you can still bring your little one, but not have the “distraction”.
    Good luck!!

  2. I like that babies are welcome… older kids are way distracting… if only for their mothers. 🙂
    Have you considered a Beth Moore Bible Study? A.w.e.s.o.m.e.
    One thing that I’ve done in the past and you might only do it once is to end with a prayer where each lady prays for the woman on her left (or right). There is something powerful about praying for other people (even when you don’t know them well) and being prayed for!

  3. I have to say I am not a journal person. I can type my thoughts out, but to sit and do it with a pen and paper would be akward for me, especially if I got done early or took too much time. I like the other ideas. I love Beth Moore studies.

  4. great ideas – i really like the journal time idea and if there are those that don’t like that part, they can spend that time in prayer. i would have a sitter for the little ones. you could also ask each person attending to bring a question for the group to discuss – maybe something they need guidance with – and the idea of praying for the person on their left is great! this helps build your prayer life and confidence. God bless you and your group!

  5. Snacks! 🙂 Nothing complicated, just a bowl of chips or a plate of cookies or crackers and cheese.

    Open with prayer requests and jot them down on a piece of paper as they’re said. Have an opening prayer in which you mention each request, and then you can send out an email to each woman present with the prayer requests so they can continue to pray through the week.

  6. What if, for your first meeting, you just discussed all of these issues? Ask people what kinds of things they’d like to include, and ask about how to handle child care.

    I will say that from my experience, its good to have a consensus on the child care thing up front – can you bring kids, do you have a sitter in another room, how old should kids be before you make alternate arrangements, etc. I have one friend who wouldn’t think twice about bring her three kids (4,3, and 1) to a study (and these kids don’t just sit quietly). I’ve also been a part of a study where a couple brought their newborn, but kept bringing her when she was more than a year old and very distracting.

    Having guidelines up front, agreed on by everyone, would have made things a lot simpler.

  7. Please offer something for children. I was really offended when I had nursing babies and was not “allowed” to attend a Bible study.

    Do some fun get to know each other things so no one goes home feeling left out.

    I agree about Beth Moore studies are good. Always nice to have a laid out plan.

    Pray, God will lead.

  8. Also, be careful with prayer requests. One Bible class I went to, it was an hour long, but prayer requests and the prayer lasted 45 minutes. That was frustrating to say the least.


  9. Love Beth Moore’s studies.

    I think bible studies & prayer groups are very important. Here’s my caution: it can get superficial when we ignore reality. If this group is all other mommies, they are going to need to figure out how to prepare/do homework/continue in prayer for the group in the midst of their kids & homes.

    You might want to see how you can bring study & fellowship into real life (including distractions). Do you really want to learn about God’s word apart from the challenges of real life?

    It might mean hiring a sitter on site, but perhaps that’s not really necessary. We’ve been meeting several years – babies nurse, kids play in the next room, we pray & cry & discuss & grow. You can truly get grow in faith & wisdom together – even in the midst of a little chaos. 🙂 Our group sticks together, I think in part because this is where faith meets works! (i.e. James 2:14-25)

    It might mean you’re all interrupted a bit. That is an exercise in giving & receiving grace! Plus, I think it’s good for the kids; if they don’t see you “doing” your faith with your friends, will they think it’s something mysterious or impractical? Will they know that friends should be spurring each other on to love God’s word? These are valuable times, so don’t get too worried about creating a perfect environment.

    Just (probably too much) food for thought…
    love, mamatoo

  10. I have done several bible studies in the past couple of years, and having your baby there is always good. I like the idea of an older child watching them in a different room with activities age appropriate. I’m actually doing a study right now, reading the bible in 90 days. I have a full reading schedule on my blog if you’d like to start it. It’s around 10-12 pages a day, and it has really opened my heart and eyes, being in His Word daily. Beth Moore is great too.

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