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Why do I blog?

A few months ago, I had a conversation with my parents about blogging. Now… just to be clear … I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night, so please don’t expect me to rehash all of the contents of the conversation. But the gist of it was this whole idea of blogging. I wanted to know why they never seemed to read my blog and they wanted to know why people would want to keep a journal online. And that got me thinking … which is always dangerous.

I started to ask myself, “Why do I blog? And do I really keep a journal online?”

I’ve mulled over these thoughts every now and then for the past few weeks and have come to a few conclusions about my blogging.

My main fascination with the blogosphere is the art of telling stories. I love stories, and maybe one day, I might actually try to write something that people would want to buy. But for now, I like the idea of writing things that would go in Reader’s Digest. Sometimes, it’s funny. Sometimes it’s serious. There are lots of pictures. I try not to spend a lot of time complaining or bragging. It’s all about entertaining or educating.

As a result, some of my tales are embellished. They are based on real events, but they are told from the perspective of a narrator. I might mix up the chronology to make the story more interesting. I don’t tie myself down to the preciseness of journaling. When I keep a handwritten diary, I want to look back and remember exactly what happened that day or that week. And to some extent, I can do that with my blogging, but I leave out a lot of boring details in my blog posts. I try to keep one consistent theme running through my post which means I have to edit out a lot of the stuff that I would put in a journal.

Also, I always write a blog post with the understanding that complete strangers will read it. I write with an audience in mind. So I leave out specific names or else I change them. I try to make my sentences easy to read, grammatically correct and a little more polished than what I use in normal conversation. I spend a lot of time editing my posts. I try not to get bogged down in detail or background information. I try to keep it interesting.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed thinking about this topic. I’ve probably left out a few things. (Like the fact that I had chicken pot pie for dinner last night and a yummy spinach salad. Yes! I do remember!) Anyway, what are your thoughts? Why do you blog? Why do you read blogs? What did you have for dinner last night?


2 Responses

  1. I started to blog when I was pregnant with the little guy (he is almost one now). Looking back I wish I had started earlier when I was waiting to become a mommy for the first time, but back in 2003 blogs were not heard of as much.

    I use my blog as a way to document my life. . . including kids, home, beliefs and other items from around the news that interest me. While I was working I was very careful never to talk about work – that was off limits.

    I enjoy reading other blogs (including yours that I have followed since our Swaparooni days) because it is interesting to get a peak into the lives of others, no less their minds. I have met amazing people from online groups and count myself lucky to include you in this.

    Last night we had veggie chicken patties, veggie dogs, and JL made his own oven baked steak fries.

  2. I love reading your blog B! You know, I really changed my blogging style a lot when I started reading yours. You’re one of my bloggy role models :o)

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