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Because she said I’m in the big leagues …

Kristen over at No Small Thing tagged me for a meme, which according to her, means I’m in the big leagues of blogging. Now, after a compliment like that, how could I possibly refuse? So here are my answers to this meme and then I’ve tagged a few girls that I consider to be in the big leagues myself.

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was finishing up the tenth grade and excited about the upcoming youth group summer-mission trip to Russia. I have the ugly passport picture to prove it! Which, incidently needs to be updated every decade. Also, I strongly disliked my Biology teacher and was very grateful to be finishing that awful class. Ironic, huh?

What are five things on your to-do list?
1. Get flowers for my friends who are graduating from medical school tomorrow.
2. Iron my new black dress so that I look smokin’ hot at the graduation. Don’t need any sad eyes over here, ya know!
3. Make Bri’s bottles for daycare.
4. Put together envelopes with the winner’s names in them for the awesome awards ceremony I have planned for Friday.
5. Mail some Mudder’s Day pwesents. That’s a secret code in case any of the mudders might be weading dis … shhhh!

What are five snacks you enjoy?
Just five? Hmmm… I love to nibble on green olives. And cheese cubes, but especially the marbled kind. Big fan of the Hubster’s special nachos. He takes bite size tortilla chips and sprinkles them with lots of shredded mild cheddar cheese and then bakes them at 350o for six minutes. Somehow I always burn them if I try to do it. He never does.
Oh, and then when I’m out and about, I like to grab a blizzard from DQ if I’m in need of a snack. At school, I usually bring along something fruity and chewy for a snack – like Gushers, Fruit by the Foot or Smiley’s (the yummy WalMart version of fruit chews).

Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.
First of all, I would pay off the my med school loans and the mortgage on the house. Then we’d be debt free. So I’d invest some moolah. And I’d probably put a hot tub in the back yard. If you thought that I’d say that I would quit my job, you were incorrect. I wouldn’t want to quit teaching, even if they stopped paying me, but shhhh… cuz we can’t afford that. And I definitely wouldn’t want anyone at work to know that I was rich! Everyone would be asking me for lunch money.

Name some places you have lived.
Well, I lived in my parent’s house for 22 years. Probably seemed a lot longer to them. Bless their hearts. Then I lived in an apartment with my “college” roommate for one semester. It was the semester after I graduated from college and she was already teaching, so neither of us were actually in college. Then I got married and lived with Hubster. Talk about a culture shock! We started off living in a tiny townhouse apartment and when we moved out of it I think the walls were still glowing from our cheesy, newlywed, head-over heels love for each other. Then we moved to the small house where we now live. And we have a big yard for the dog. The walls here are full of the same sappy young love, but we’ve also got lots of Bri baby love splashed on them.

Name some bad habits you have.
My house stays in constant disarray these days. I used to clean because we had company over all the time. Then I figured out that it was a lot easier to just stop inviting people over to our house!
I am really bad about saying, “I told you so.” Because usually, I did tell you first. And I like to be right.
Name some jobs you have had.
I worked at the county library when I was in high school. I was supposed to clean the books (and I usually ended up reading them before I put them away, I couldn’t help myself). Then I worked in a research lab where I rubbed E. coli onto petri dishes while listening to books on tape and slowly becoming bored out of my mind. Then I worked at Macy’s for awhile and spent too much money on clothes. Then after a long gap of not working, I took a job putting charts together in a surgery center. Then I started teaching and that’s where I am now.

Name those whom you are tagging.
Angel Forever; Bethany Actually; Ivey League; Days to Come; and Hey, Mrs. Wilson!
I would go on and tag everyone I know, because I think all of you are in the big leagues, but that would take forever! So here are the first five that pop into my mind. Your blog was probably number six if you don’t see it here, so go ahead and try this meme too. Just leave a comment letting me know where to read your post if you happen to try it.


4 Responses

  1. lol

  2. Hey now, I think I read this earlier and there is something missing this time around…hmmmm…


  3. Your jobs before teaching sound odd (other than Macy’s) especially the E.coli one. I was a teacher in my past life (ie before kids). Sometimes I miss it, but most of the time I don’t. It was hard work! Happy Teacher’s Appreciation week, btw!

  4. I’m working on it!!! Things keep getting in the way … haha, oh motherhood!

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