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Family Adventure

We went on a family adventure today. We hunted for geocaches around town and found two. The first one we found was located under a lightpost.
The second one we found was at a nearby playground. Bri had fun swinging again! She is so cute. On the way home, as we stopped at a red light a huge pick up truck slammed into the back of our car. A teenager (only 15 years old) had been driving and talking on his cellphone. The back windshield shattered and sprayed glass across the back seat and Bri’s carseat. It was very traumatic for all of us.
Both of us immediately wanted to make sure Bri was okay. Hubster pulled her out of her carseat and brushed her off. We didn’t even let ourselves think of the horrible what ifs until we were safely home a few hours later. We hauled our stuff to the curb and a tow truck pulled our totalled car away. Thank goodness Hubby was there to clean the car out, while I held Bri and called friends. Everyone is out of town for Mother’s Day so I had to call four different couples before I found someone who could give us a ride home. It would have been overwhelming if I’d been alone with the baby.
A friend came to pick us up and we were shaky as she started up her car. Bri has been fine since it all happened although she gets upset at loud noises. We’re a little sore, but nothing that some Ibuprofen can’t fix.

Tomorrow, some close friends are going to give us a ride to church. We’ll be looking for a new vehicle this week. Happy Mother’s Day, right? When we did get everything settled at home, we fed Bri, let her play on the floor for forty five minutes in the living room, and then put her down for her regular nap. Then we held each other and let the possibilities roll over us. It could have been so much worse than losing the car. Thank God that we didn’t lose our baby.


14 Responses

  1. So sorry I didn’t get the call. We were at the lake for a graduation party. If you decide you need us for anything, or if you need anything checked out, I’m sure M wouldn’t mind.

  2. Thank God you were ALL okay!

  3. Oh my goodness. I am so glad that all of you were able to get up and walk out of your car.

    You know that you need to get a new car seat right? Once they are in an accident – no matter how big or small you are not supposed to use it again. Contact your insurance company and tell them and they should be able to refund your money for the new one. We had to do this July 2006 when we nearly flipped over in our van. NHL was in the car and fine – the car seat saved his life.

    Hugs to everyone and I hope all of you are not too sore in the morning. Hopefully Bri does not have too much whiplash.

    Happy 1st Mother’s Day to you tomorrow.

  4. Glad to hear you all are okay! Scary pictures there, but good thing you took them b/c I’m sure the insurance company will need them.

  5. I have nightmares about that, I drive so much more careful now that I have precious cargo, but I still worry about other drivers that I have no control over. I am so glad that you are all okay, and happy that Bri was not traumatized by the entire incident.

  6. I’m so glad that your family is ok. I’m sure that was really intense and scary.

  7. What a relief. Nothing like this type of experience to give you a reality check, and remind you of how fragile and precious life is. Glad you are all okay.

  8. I am so glad that you guys are okay!!! My what a scary event. Yes, thank the good Lord that no one was hurt. And the guy was 15?? Geez. I’ll be praying for you guys – and pray that you can find yourselves another good car!

  9. Oh my word! That’s horrible and wonderful all at the same time.

    I’m glad you’re all okay!

  10. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that. A 15 year old driving, isn’t that too young? If an adult was in the car who let him talk on his cell phone? Thank goodness you guys are all ok. I would’ve been freaking out. Sorry about your car. No more trips in the silver bullet for chicken salad sandwiches or bar-b-q in Harlem huh?

  11. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you are okay. Hope you can find a new car soon. Thanks for stopping by blog recently!

  12. I am so glad you are all safe and sound, with no injuries.

    I’ll never forget when I was about 21 years old I was driving in Buford and as I was going down a hill I suddenly saw a car stopped in front of me that I could not see at the top of the hill. I was on my cell phone which caused me to react slower than usual and when i tried to stop my car, I crossed center lanes and hit a mini van. I will never forget the sound I heard, two little boys screaming in the car. I cried and cried… and cried, even after we all knew they were okay. I felt so bad for hitting that car with that sweet mom and her two little boys. It has stayed with me forever. I remember the dad picking his family up, probably looking at me as the horrible person who hit his precious family. Needless to say, I felt horrible and stupid for being on my cell phone. I am sure this guy feels the same way. Everyone makes mistakes. I am so glad Bri is okay.

  13. Wow, I’m so glad you guys are okay. That’s so traumatizing.

  14. My geocache is famous now!!! LOL. Thanks for the link and I hope you were able to get your car fixed.

    Happy Hunting!


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