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Free Bottles!

Did you know that Avent bottles have high levels of BPA in them? It’s a chemical that pretends to be a hormone inside the human body. In fact, all clear plastic bottles have high levels of BPA in the plastic. So does canned liquid formula. And this chemical is absorbed by infants along with their milk. Babies are exposed to way more BPA than adults, and their systems are much more sensitive to the hormone-like effects.

There are three types of bottles that are BPA free, and therefore much safer for your bundle of joy. Medela products – across the board have no BPA in them. Playtex nurser bottles – the ones with the drop in liners, are BPA free. However, the rest of Playtex’s bottles (like VentAire) do contain the chemical. And then, glass bottles are also BPA free.

Playtex is offering a FREE nurser system if you’re interested in switching. They will mail it to you!

By the way, I found this link at Freebies 4 Mom and she has lots of other links to free stuff on her site, too! Check it out!


8 Responses

  1. The BPA thing has made such a mess out of everything. I started out using the Avent bottles with NHL almost 5 years ago since I had my Isis Pump. He did not do well with Avent, so of course we moved onto Platex VentAire – also with BPA. Thankfully he did not use them long and went to sippy cups. The little guy never really took a bottle more than 10 times (VentAire/Avent) and has been using sippy cups for water. Luckily I had the Nubby and Playtex Insulated cups that are all perfect.

    Did you check out the binky BPA list? Both of the types that NHL used when little had BPA in them (Avent and MAM). JSL had just started to use a binky thanks to pain from teething when all of this came out in the media. I was slow and finally switched him from a BPA containing Avent to a Playtex. I called them from Walmart and they were wonderful. None of their pacifiers contain BPA in them. I have been meaning to blog about the fiasco of the switch, but have not had time.

    I now shop for plastics by recycling number.

  2. Bri never really got attached to a binky. In fact, all her pacifiers have been collecting dust for a couple of months now! I didn’t even think about sippy cups, though! I completely take plastics for granted. It’s hard to remember to stop and check!

  3. Wow I wish I had kept my medala products, but I got rid of them after I had my daughter. I EBF my son so I didn’t use any bottles. Cute pictures of Bri by the way.

  4. Of course if we all breastfed our babies we wouldn’t have to worry!!

  5. Of course if we all breastfed our babies we wouldn’t have to worry!!

  6. Of course if we all breastfed our babies we wouldn’t have to worry!!

  7. Of course if we all breastfed our babies we wouldn’t have to worry!!

  8. I use Dr. Brown’s BPA Free bottles. They’re new. Love em!

    I donated all my Avent bottles and sterilizer that I used with my 3 yr old.

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