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How to Post a Screen Shot

Tomorrow evening, when I announce the winner of my BH&G magazine subscription giveaway, I plan to show you a screen shot from random.org so that you can see the number generated. That way you can’t accuse me of cheating or picking my best friend. If you’re interested in learning how to post a screen shot, here are the directions from Wikipedia …

1. Mac OS X users, push command, shift and the number 3 at the same time. Your screen shot saves automatically to the desktop. Open it up and then you can save the PNG image wherever you’ll be able to find it later.

2. Microsoft users simply need to press the Print Screen key to save their screenshot. The shot will automatically be saved on the clipboard. From there you can paste the image into a paint file and save it.

Don’t you feel like such a cool blogger now? I’m glad I could help. What’s you favorite tip on spicing up a blog post? How do you put in that extra wow factor?


Battle Weary

Our flag-line uniforms came in today.

When I heard the news, I was super excited. You see, last year we had problems with the company. They misinformed me about the payment schedule and when the money didn’t change hands at the correct times, our uniforms were pushed to the back of the very long line. So we ended up scrambling at the last minute to come up with uniforms. Four months after the original order date, we finally had uniforms on the field. Even still, we ended up taking the uglier in-stock uniforms so that they could be made quickly.

So, this year, I had everything double and triple checked. We payed EARLY. And having the uniforms arrive three weeks before the first football game seemed like a fabulous reward for my hard work.

Two girls sat with me in the sweaty, spit-smelling band room and we divided up the sequined tops and black lycra bottoms. We made sure the inventory was correct before we distributed them. And while I was reviewing the inventory I realized that the sizes had been converted from number sizes over to letter sizes. So the 10’s and 12’s were now M’s. And the 14’s and 16’s were now L’s. I should have realized right there that we were going to have trouble. But I never saw it coming.

I called the girls up to receive their uniforms and they skipped to the bathroom to try them on. Then I heard shrieking. My stomach sank.

“Mrs. STREAMS …. this don’t fit. Look at this. It be so baggy! My Mama’s goin’ to be so mad.”

The comments kept coming. Almost half of the uniforms were the wrong size. Which, in hindsight makes sense, because the company basically had a 50/50 shot at getting the size right. Girls who needed a 14 but could have squeezed into a 12 really should have gotten a medium. The company should have called me to ask what sizes the girls needed. But instead, they guessed. And they were wrong.

So, I called to complain. The company offered to take a look. They want us to ship the uniforms back and if they deem that the mistake was theirs (the lady on the phone admitted that they’d made a mistake before she started back-pedaling) then they will alter our uniforms and send them back to us. At no charge. In FOUR weeks.


Our first game is in three weeks.

I told her that 1.) we need the uniforms before then and 2.) the company OBVIOUSLY cannot get an order right, so why should I trust them with the uniforms a second time? I want money. Do you hear me lady? MONEY. I want you to pay for the uniforms to be altered here in our town. I want to get them back within a week. I want a person I can speak to face-to-face.

She said she couldn’t do that. I said we would be taking our $6000 worth of business elsewhere next year. She said, “Okay.”

So I sat all of the girls down. I told them the facts. 1.) The company messed up. 2.) They are offering to fix it consider fixing it but we will not have them before the first game. 3.) We want them to pay for a local person to do it instead.

I asked them to call their parents on their cell phones. Because there’s nothing like an angry Mama to get things done in these situations. Each girl called and explained. We gave the parents the phone number and the woman’s name. They went to town. I instructed the girls not to call on their own behalf because they would just get a reputation as misbehaving teenagers. I only wanted the parents to call. Because ultimately it’s the parents who spent the money.

The parents rallied 100%. I even got a few calls back about who said what and what the lady said in reply. So far she hasn’t budged yet. I have a feeling she’s kind of mad at me for sending the parents after her.

Now I’m not sure what to do next. Should I call her again in the morning? One parent suggested moving up the chain of command to her supervisor/ the owner-of-the-company, etc. Someone else suggested going to the Better Business Bureau. I am not sure what to do next. Got any ideas?

Nursery Nametags

At Nunu’s funeral a few weeks ago, there were several great-grandchildren that were too young to sit through the services quietly. Rather than have the married-in parents sweat it out in the hallways, Hubster’s aunts decided to hire babysitters to watch the seven kiddos in the nursery. Brilliant, yes?

Bridoodle had tons of fun playing with her cousins. (I changed her into play clothes so that she wouldn’t mess up her beautiful yellow dress). She got all tuckered out and fell asleep in the church nursery. This picture reminded me of something that made the day go much smoother. Hubster’s aunt had name tags ready for each child. She’d hand written the following on the tags:



Cell Phone:

When we arrived to drop her off, we were handed a pen so that we could fill in our names and phone numbers. Then we slapped the tag onto her back and slipped out while she wasn’t looking. It was so reassuring to know that we could be quickly reached if needed. We really appreciated that thoughtful detail.

I’m sure I will be stealing this idea the next time I have to plan for a group babysitter. What tips do you have for taking kids to the nursery, and/or hiring a nursery sitter?

Wrists Burning, Eyes Blurring, Bottom Aching

I’ve spent most of the day entering giveaways. So many prizes to win. I’m sure there will be close to a thousand of them by the end of the week.

Of course, I probably won’t win any prizes. But I hope to win some new internet friends. I’ve been earmarking fun blogs to read again later. When I have free time again. After entering all five hundred and forty seven giveaways!

I’m on #280 now. How about you?

Bloggy Giveaway Carnival *** Closed

Congratulations to Ashley (no blog listed) who was commenter 193, and the winner of the BH&G mag subscription. Check your g-mail!

It’s time for the great big bloggy giveaway carnival again. One thing I’ve learned about this carnival is to keep my post short and sweet. So without further ado…

I am giving away a one year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. This offer only applies to residents of the continental USA. To enter just leave a comment in the comment section and I will use random.org to generate a winner from my list. This giveaway closes at 3:30pm CST on Friday, August 1st.

Only ONE comment per person. Please.

Otherwise you will be disqualified.

I think that covers everything. If you’re new here, feel free to bookmark or add me to your RSS feed. I know you have more giveaways to enter. Best of luck!

Extra points~ The links below will take you to a few of the giveaways that I’ve entered. I get extra points for sharing the link with you. Grrr… It’s sort of a cruel thing to do. Because that also ups the number of competitors. But it’s worth it. Right?

Cloth Diaper Giveaway ……. No-Choke Safety Caps

Twisted Silver Earrings ……. Job Search Guy – offers $1000 to person who helps him

Vintage Apron Giveaway ……. Burger King Gift Card

Nature Moms Package ……….. WORDPRESS BLOG MAKEOVER

Rockin’ Baby Sling ………… Target GiftCard ………. $20 giftcard

What do you do with a friendship that refuses to go where you want it to go?

That has to be the longest title I’ve ever used for a post. It’s certainly the question that’s been on my mind lately. I have two specific friends in mind. Both of these girls live near me.

My measurement for judging a relationship usually comes down to the amount of time spent with that person. If I never see the person, then we must not be very close. Obviously there are exceptions. People move to Texas. Nearby friends keep up with me through blogging and e-mail because our schedules are crazy. Family falls in a weird uncategorized category. But in general, I figure that if we live close by, and you don’t know about my blog, and you’re not in my family, that we should hang out in person. Or else you must not like me.

As an extrovert, I have no problem initiating trips to the mall or chick flick nights. Normally, a text message or phone call from me gets the ball rolling. But after a few rejections, I figure the ball falls in the other person’s court. I don’t want to seem like a stalker, ya know. That’s where I run into trouble.

When the other person drops the ball, how do you know what on earth she’s thinking? I will go out of my way to invite someone to hang out, but only up to three rejections in a row. I don’t know where that rule came from, but I’ve had it since I was in middle school. My pride keeps me from calling again after the third, “I’m busy that day. And the next day, too.”

Now, I happen to know a little bit about the schedules of these girls and neither one seems to be all that busy. I mean, I have friends who are in residency who can return my calls on the same day. There must be something else going on but I can’t figure it out. Is it me? Do I smell funny? Do I talk too much? Is she having personal issues? Am I too nosy?

*Or is she just “not that into me?”

And that’s basically where I’m at right now. With both of these friends. Stuck square in the middle of acquaintance-land. Hoping against hope that somehow I’ll find my way out of this cornfield and onto the yellow brick road so that we can skip arm in arm, sharing shoes and secrets and chocolate. Forgive me.The Wizard of Oz came on TV tonight.

What do you think I should do? Any thoughts or suggestions? What’s wrong with me, anyway? Wait, don’t answer that last one.

(*Sidenote: I have a bad habit of comparing friendships to dating relationships which seems a little weird now that it’s on the screen. But it didn’t seem weird before.)

From Leftovers to Lunches in a Snap

Recently, Hubster and I have been trying to handle our finances like adults. Instead of like college kids. You see, we got in this awful habit of going out to eat …. all. the. time. Our leftovers ended up in the trash. And when I cooked us dinner, those leftovers ended up in the trash too. Our clothes were starting to shrink. It was getting ugly.

So, we’ve started curbing that habit over the past few weeks. And our bank account says, “Thank you.” Here’s one of our frugal measures. Every day, we each pack a lunch to take to work. At night, I package our dinnerĀ  leftovers into ziplock baggies and small plastic tubs that we can use for lunch the next day.

For example, the brownies that we had tonight for dessert. Normally, it would take us a week to get down to one hardened brownie in that glass pan. The hard little brownie would sit there for a few weeks before I would throw it away.

Now, I package them while they’re still warm. Right after dinner. That way they stay soft in the bags. Incidentally, I got sick of having ugly cardboard boxes of zippy bags on the counter all the time. So I keep my zippy bags in this pretty tureen. It was a wedding gift.

Back to the brownies. Once I’ve put all the brownies into bags, I put them in our stash piles.

Our stash piles sit on the counter next to the tureen. It’s a nice way to use those china dishes that would otherwise collect dust bunnies. When it’s time to pack a lunch, I can dig through and find fruit cups, granola bars, chips, crackers and now … brownies. Each day I can have a different assortment. It’s been really nice.

Hubster and I love this system. It’s really easy to find a snack at home. And the mornings go much smoother because all the hard work has already been done. Do you have any tips for packing lunches? School’s about to start so I’d love to hear them!