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The girls finish teaching the new routine two hours before practice ends. Gleefully, they announce that we can all go home early. I watch them pack their things and call their rides. Thirty minutes later, everyone is gone, and I leave the school.

While driving home, a horrible daymare floods my thoughts. I imagine arriving at the daycare to find the building empty. I wander the deserted halls and find that everyone has disappeared. Papers are strewn all over the place.The phone is beeping off the hook. The baby room is strangely silent and Bri is gone.

I shake my head and clear my thoughts. Of course, Bri is just fine when I arrive. She’s happily swinging and chewing on a toy. But this isn’t the only kind of daymare that I’ve had. Sometimes, it’s about family members being hurt, teaching gangstas, or Hubs getting injured on the job. My overactive imagination creates these mini-horror flicks quite frequently. Usually, they’re pretty intense.

Does this sort of thing happen to you? Maybe I’m naive in thinking that everybody does this. What are your daymares?


18 Responses

  1. Yes I’ve had them. In times of stress I have them more often. When I was younger it would always be about something happening to my parents. Now it is always about something bad happening to the kids or Hubby.

  2. Mine are usually of a stranger in the house but not with dh. Someone robbing the house or waiting to kill me.

    After a neighborhood fire that distroyed the entire house, I daydream that I will come home to a burnt down house.

  3. Oh, honey, I have these all the time. TERRIBLE ones. They are so terrible I can hardly believe I can think up the stuff. Always about something awful happening to the kids.

    • I have daymares about my children being dead and that i dig them up.Its so scarey i cry until i can hardly breath.im so scared as i dont know why this is happening.

  4. My daymares happen when one of my daughter’s is not home and my phone rings or someone knocks on the door. Before answering either I preparer myself for the worst that could possibly happen.

  5. I don’t have vivid daymares like that, thanks be to God, because that sounds like it would be awful. I have fleeting moments of, “Oh God, what if…” but they are rarely accompanied by full-color images in my mind.

  6. Yes, I’ve had thoughts like this all my life but they have got much worse since I became a mother. I am so glad you mentioned this, I thought it was only me!
    Daisie xxx

  7. How awful…I sometimes have them, too. Mostly about kids, hubby, or family members being in accidents, terminally ill etc. I try to use it as a prompt to pray but they are awful and feel very real.

  8. I have these too sometimes. I have to really stop myself and turn my thoughts elsewhere. It’s amazing how ridiculous they can get so quickly! You’re not alone.

  9. I’ve had these before, at one point they got really bad and I would worry like crazy. But then I shared them with J one day and I found that that really helped. Knowing that you aren’t alone in having them and sharing them with someone usually makes me feel better. I then realize how futile they are. But also, how we shouldn’t worry so much as well.

    I even had a nightmare last night…woke up at 4:51 and had been dreaming that another snake had bit one of my dogs!

    See ya soon!

  10. I have really horrible daymares about my children being dead and i dig up there graves and sit holding them,rocking.They seem so real i cry uncontrolably until i feel like im getting out of breath.Im so scared i don’t know what to do.

  11. I have several recurring daymares that drive me to tears and panic attacks. It’s always so real, and usually it’s about watching my kids die in some way, or being just on the brink of being saved but then we all slip away. I wish I could get rid of them because they most often occur as I’m trying to fall asleep so they end up keeping me awake until the wee hours. It’s very difficult to not think about it, it takes over!

  12. I lost my job on the subprime crisis of 2009. The subsequent jobs I had were filled with underpayments, excessive pressure. I often had daymares about getting fired (and going batshit insane and hurting myself and others). This month I’ve been experiencing excessive stress in my current job, and the daymares returned. It’s horrible 😦

  13. Its crazy. I have them all the time. Why doesn’t anyone know how to get rid of them if so many people have them? I always have them about my three kids, the youngest being kidnaps, my middle getting sexually abused, and my oldest getting killed, it destroys me in school and I can’t get anything done 😦 It is horrid!

    • I’ve had those also and it paralyzes me and i feel like i cant breathe for a minute and i try to get it out my mind and find something to do

  14. I have panic disorder and it’s coupled with frequent daymares. Mostly about terrible things happening to the people i love. It’s more of an experience than a dream, I can even feel the emotions they would go through, or see the expressions on their faces. Leaves me breathless sometimes. Trick is to just breath and move on with the day.

  15. In a way I am glad I am not the only one I would not wish this on anyone example a commercial with people in a balloon flying and all of a sudden I see my son falling over the side and I barely have a hold on him he’s slipping I teared up and had that feeling in the pit of my stomach Then i recall all the times after my kids were born I would not leave the house because i was afraid i would drop them or someone would take them or I would have an accident in the car with them in it. Everytime makes my heart stop. i feel like something is wrong with me

  16. I suffer daymares and by no means do they end after the first few months of a baby’s life. Not in my case. I recently wrote all about my experience of daymares because I thought it might help to exorcise some of the dreadful visions I encounter in my over-active mind. My daughter is now nearly three, and my son seven months. The daymares intensified when my boy was born, all over again, but they never went away. I am struck down with them when I’m sitting in a delicious, warm, glowing room, breastfeeding. I’m struck with them when I’m trying to go to sleep, trying to read a book etc etc. Full on. I can’t see how they’ll ever go away. My partner experiences them too, so they are definitely not confined to mums. We think that the mind produces these horrendous scenarios, so that we go out of our way to ensure they don’t happen. Without becoming too ridiculously overprotective and so on. Anyhoo. It’s a rollercoaster right?!

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