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Strollin’ Along And Singin’ A Song

A couple of nights ago, we went for a family walk to test out Bridoodle’s new jogging stroller. The stroller funding came as part of the settlement for the car accident we had two months ago. So of course, I had to pick the biggest, best stroller on the market. Right?

So what if I haven’t actually jogged in the last … um, twelve years. I might want to go jogging one day.

Turns out that there’s a slight problem to that plan. The thing is so large, that it’s almost impossible to get in the van. So far, only Hubster has been able to say the magic words and wave his hands, so that he could squish the thing in there. It’s mammoth, I tell you.

After the struggle to get it in the van, I thought that our family walk photo-op might be doomed. But, Hubs was a champ. He had fun testing the off-road capabilities of the stroller. At this point, he’s about to yell, “This thing even has SHOCKS on it!”

I may have been slightly embarrassed by his antics, but in all fairness, I was running around taking pictures for most of the walk. So I guess we’re even.

Bri on the other hand, already thinks we’re the biggest weirdos on the planet.


6 Responses

  1. ooo, love a good jogging stroller!

    I got one (valco baby) before Hola was born. I took both kids out yesterday morning for a “power walk” around the neighborhood. Still haven’t figured out how to collapse the thing entirely. Someday….

  2. A parents job is not complete unless our children believe we are weirdos. Congrats on accomplishing this 🙂

    BTW – Nice new stroller!

  3. I have a DOUBLE jogging stroller so you can imagine how big that is. We used to have a 4-runner and it fit great in that. We would go hiking with it all the time, but that car broke down. Now we have a small car and the stroller doesn’t fit at all. I still use it for walking around my neighboorhood, but not as much as I used to.

  4. That looks like an awesome stoller! And shocks?? Neat-o!

  5. that’s almost just like marit’s! we LOVE it and use it all the time when it’s not too hot…one of the few strollers she fits into with her brace on. we are going to get a double when graham’s born too. they just roll so much better even if you aren’t running. if you recline the seat completely, it will fold up flatter. enjoy!!

  6. We have the coolest double jogging stroller. I thought I would be more inclined to work out if I had one. I was wrong, but it looks very cool in the garage!

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