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“You may be a stranger, but you’re not a stalker.”

Yesterday, I stumbled across Molly’s fabulous post that spoke to first time commenters. She notes that women tend to apologize for commenting on other blogs. We feel the need to explain why we have arrived at someone’s blog. Men don’t do this. Do you feel awkward when you comment on a stranger’s blog?

I do.

Sometimes I think, “She doesn’t know me and this will seem weird” or “She already has lots of comments, so why should I bother?” It feels awkward to say, “I’ve been reading your blog for five months and I adore you!”

I feel like a stalker.

So, since you’re here reading my blog, I just wanted you to know that I’m publishing all these things for you to read. You aren’t reading my deepest darkest secrets (well … not against my will anyway). And you aren’t peeping in the windows of my home. (At least I hope not. Do you drive a dumpy white van with no windows?)

Seriously. I’m inviting you to read everything I’ve posted here. And your comments have helped to inspire me to keep blogging. I love your comments. So please don’t feel awkward by delurking. My blog stats indicate that I have over a hundred viewers per day. Yet, my comments reflect less than 10% of that. I really would love to hear from you.

But I won’t be mad if you just want to look at the pictures, either. (My baby girl is stinkin’ cute, what can I say?) Please don’t feel like you have to comment. I just wanted to say that I’m glad you’re here.

“You may be a stranger, but you’re not a stalker.”


8 Responses

  1. Not a stalker in sight!!
    My Mum said, when I started blogging, that it’s a secret diary for an exhibitionist!!
    I love to look at other people’s lives and families and crafts and love that so many other bloggers are just like me, makes me feel less like a wierdo!
    You keep blogging, I’ll keep reading!

  2. Can you please check that hyperlink again? I think we have it fixed. I’m so glad you made us aware that there was a problem.

  3. Ha ha – this is funny! I only just came across ballerina and was investigating your blog further, thinking (as happens every time I get to want to comment) “they’ll just think I want a visit in return”. Well I’d love one but it isn’t why I am here. I only comment on good stuff and I noticed this on the tag surfer. If you entertain me, you deserve to know. So thanks.

  4. This was you just yesterday! I can remember your first ride tow and how excited I was for you to feel your first roll down a smooth drive way. Wheels are what makes life go around and I couldn’t wait to get you rolling. You get the same thrill reliving the first trike, bike, roller shates, sled, ski’s, go-cart and don’t forget the best of all, the first car. Riding the lawnmower is still a thrill at 52, Go Figure!

  5. I’ve found where I belong!!!! Loving your blog!!!!

  6. Hi, I haven’t applied to med school yet but I will be finishing a post-bac program soon with a 3.8+ gpa. I have yearnings to be teacher/mom or medical student/not-sure-when-i’ll-be-mom. I’m feeling a bit lost and I stumbled upon your blog because i was googling graduate school dropout, which I am. I’m afraid that I will always regret not doing a job as stimulating and interesting as medicine. But I am also afraid that I won’t be able to be the mom that I want to be if I pursue the medical path. I would be 32 by the time I finish med school.

    My question is what do you teach? What do you love about your work? Are there moments you feel like you should have stayed with medicine? PLEASE email me if you have the time. thanks!

    • I never feel like I should have stayed with medicine. I stuck it out until I was good and miserable.

      Teaching is still a job but I think it works best for me. I love having summers off. I love getting to know my kids. It is still really hard to be away from my little girl. I wish that I didn’t have so much debt from my med school loans. I would stay home with her now if I could. She craves attention and doesn’t get enough right now.

      But on the flip side, I have friends who love being doctors and don’t regret staying. It is a very personal decision.
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