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Emma: The E-true Hollywood Story

“You look so thin, City! I can really tell that you’ve lost weight.” Emma beamed at me in McAllister’s as we gripped our huge sweet teas and headed towards a tall table. See, that’s why she’s my best friend! It’s the little things.

We knew this day would come. In fact, it was a glaring reality to all of us, at our medical school matriculation, that we would only be together for four short years. I guess, that’s why I expected our class to be hostile towards each other.

Why invest energy in relationships that would most likely fizzle out over long distances? Never in a million years, would I have suspected that the friendships I’d find in medical school would be so … AMAZING. We spent long hours talking, studying, dissecting and practicing on each other.

I interviewed my best friend, Emma, the day that we made our teddy bear, Dawn. I told her I would post the interview on here, so that y’all could get to know her better.

Me: So, what do you think is the craziest thing we’ve ever done? What stands out?

Emma: Oh gosh! Just one? There are so many. Probably the time you kidnapped me the day before Step 1. We went out to lunch and then went go-kart racing.

Me: That’s right! I even let you win.

Emma: Right. (looks away and smirks)

Me: How many times have you moved since I’ve met you?

Emma: Wow. Including that time I had to switch apartments because of my crazy neighbors?

Me: Yup

Emma: Six times. That’s counting the two moves we’re making this summer.

Me: Really? You’re moving twice this summer? That’s right. You have to wait for the apartment to become available. I forgot. So, what are you going to miss most about this place? Besides me, of course?

Emma: Oh! I was going to say you. Um… probably our church. I love singing in the early service, and my husband has been working with the college kids, you know. It’s going to be hard to leave.

Me: How have we changed, do ya think, over the last four years?

Emma: We’ve definitely grown up a lot. Gotten married. You started your family, and I’m planning mine. Our priorities changed a lot. I think we know what we want better. We have more self confidence.

Me: Definitely. We started off with super ambitious plans. Then we saw how much we’d have to sacrifice. Both of us scaled back from where we started. Okay, next question, what would you do with 100 million dollars?

Emma: First I’d pay off my student loans. I’d tithe. I’d travel, and buy my parents’ house.

Me (interrupting): You’d buy your parents a house before you’d buy one for yourself?

Emma: Well, yeah, I’d buy myself a house too. Good point. I’d save money for our kids to go to college. Maybe I’d buy a hospital. Then I could work whatever hours I wanted.

Me: Good plan. I like that. Then you could just work part-time. But you’d get lots of profit from the hospital.

Emma: Maybe.

Me: So, was medical school what you expected? What did you imagine it would be like?

Emma: I don’t know if I can remember that far back. I guess I thought that I’d do a lot of studying, and people would be cut throat. I was surprised that everyone was so nice and … well, attractive. I thought everyone would be nerdy and mean. But instead, most everyone was down-to-earth and fun to be around. I felt right at home.

Me: You’re completely right about that. Our friends aren’t anything like I imagined med school girls would be. So, do you have any favorite memories?

Emma: Do you remember the bachelorette party y’all threw me?

Me: Oh yeah! We had to study for an exam, and your lingerie shower had been the weekend before. Didn’t your grandmother come? (Emma nods) And all of your aunts? (Nods again) You got PJ’s and sheets. Kind of a dud. So we had our regular study group for anatomy and surprised you with some real lingerie.

Emma: And y’all got a little wild with the decorations. Remember that center piece?

Me: Oh my. That’s probably not appropriate for my blog! Haha! Remember the homemade lollipops that So-and-so made?

Emma: Yes!

Me: Okay, next question. Who’s your hero? And why?

Emma: Elizabeth Elliott. Because she is strong but still submissive.

Me: I agree. Last question. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Emma: Cookie Dontcha Want Some from Coldstone

Me: Huh, I’ve never had that before. Sounds yummy. I’ll have to try it. Ready to go shopping?

Emma (slurps sweet tea): You bet. Let’s go to Ann Taylor first.

Me: Okay!


2 Responses

  1. Loved this post! So cute and so creative. Made me REALLY miss my old girlfriends. It is nice to hear more about emma. I remembered her from the teddy bear post. I loved that post too BTW:)

  2. Awesome post! I really miss some of my old friends!

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