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A tree falls in our back yard

Around 5:53 this morning, I heard a loud noise in the backyard. “Wake up, wake up! Something just fell. Over there.” I shook Hubs awake. He rolled over and looked towards the dark window.

“Mmm kay.” His head fell back to the pillow.

So I checked the clock, and went back to sleep too. What were we going to do in the dark, anyway?

When I woke up this morning, Hubs was already up. I walked in the living room and asked, “So what made the noise?”


“You mean you haven’t checked yet?”

I ran to the window. Sure enough. Branches blocked my view.

“Oh my gosh. You were right. I never heard a thing. I just thought you dreamed it.” He stared out the window in shock.

We went outside to survey the new landscape and I grabbed the camera for insurance purposes (okay, and maybe because I wanted to blog about it, too).

We found little actual damage. The neighbors had a very considerate tree. And our power line turns out to be freakishly strong. Thank the Lord! Because it single-handedly saved our van from almost certain body damage. I would have been super upset to see another crunched vehicle, so soon after the last car accident.

The tree damaged our fence, but only in one spot. It came really close to the walls, and may have dislodged a few shingles. Otherwise, everything seems to be okay.

Here’s a better perspective to show you the size of the tree. The tree in the foreground is a lot closer, so it appears huge, but they’re about the same size.


10 Responses

  1. Hmmm. . . I did not realize that my tree woes could be catchy 😉

    Seriously, I am SO glad that nobody was hurt and the power lines caught things before getting your van.

  2. im glad that everyone’s okey…one would never imagine such a thing happening to them

  3. That is great that it didn’t do more damage! I wonder why it fell. Was it storming?

  4. Stop By My Blog! I have something for you:)

  5. So I guess if a tree falls and no one is there to see it, it DOES make a noise. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

  6. Whoa! Close call!!! Glad your van wasn’t damaged.

    Seeing your photo reminds me of the damage we get during hurricanes. I hope we avoid any and all hurricanes this year. So far, we’ve been lucky. Unfortunately, we still have a ways to go…

  7. Glad nobody was hurt!

  8. Oh my goodness, that’s scary. Thankfully nobody was hurt and you suffered little loss!

    I guess that’s one thing I can be thankful for (with regard to living in Arizona. There’s certainly no risk of falling trees because, well, we don’t have trees really. Those saguaro cacti could kill ya though if you ended up underneath one!

  9. Oh no! So glad no one was hurt!

  10. Wow! That was close. I’m glad no one was hurt and there was minimal damage.

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