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A Unique Rabbit

This morning, our little family loaded up the mini-van to go purchase school supplies for my classroom. There was a teacher appreciation breakfast at a store across town, so we started there. When we walked in the door, I flashed my teacher ID card and was handed a swag bag. The nice ladies pointed us towards the breakfast and Hubster’s face fell.

They were serving cake. For breakfast. Yuck. Hubster muttered under his breath, “Let’s just go to Chick-fil-A across the street.”

So we pretended to look at the over priced school supplies for a few minutes and then trotted out the door. We piled back in the mini-van, and headed across the street.

In the drive-thru line, we started a very serious conversation that went something like this:

Hubster (talking to the drive-thru speaker): I’ll have a number one combo with Coke to drink. And a egg and cheese biscuit with sweet tea.

(She repeats the order and instructs us to drive forward. Hubster rolls his window up and inches towards the fumes in front of us.)

Me: Did you realize that you just said ‘a egg’? That bothers me like nails on a chalkboard.

Hubster: Really? I don’t remember doing that.

Me: Well, you did. And it makes you sound completely uneducated.

Hubster (grins devilishly): Why does that bother you?

Me: Because it’s not grammatically correct. You’re supposed to say ‘a’ in front of consonants and ‘an’ in front of vowels.

Hubster: Is that true? Well, what would you say in front of the phrase ‘unusual rabbit’?

Me (feeling smug): You would say AN unusual rabbit.

Hubster: Okay. What would you say in front of ‘unique rabbit’?

(long pause)

Me: Huh. You’re right. It would be a unique rabbit. Weird. Why is that?

Hubster: It has to do with the way the vowel is pronounced.

Me: Did you learn that when you majored in linguistics?

Hubster: Sort of. I was thinking about it the other day when I was bored in my patrol car at work.

Me: What on earth made you think of that?

Hubster (grins again): I was thinking about that joke. You know. ‘How do you catch a unique rabbit? U-neak up on him.’

Me (staring in disbelief): That’s kind of sad. Maybe we need more criminals in this town.