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Birthday Overload

I swore that I would not be one of those parents. I’m sure you’ve seen them. They rent a giant air walk contraption for their son’s second birthday and put it in the middle of the cul-de-sac because the whole neighborhood is invited to the party anyway.

My children were going to be normal. Their birthday cakes should come from Publix. Seriously, who buys a rolled fondant cake for a child’s first birthday? And the party? Family members only. That was the plan.

And then things started to spiral. I thought of the cutest idea for a birthday cake (no fondant necessary). Which of course means, I have to make it, because the ladies at Publix don’t do custom orders. (At least not for the price I want to pay.) And then I found the matching napkins.


It’s a disease. I think it must be contagious. Someone needs to stop me before I jump off the deep end. Because I’m already thinking that she needs a new outfit to match her cake. And we really need some matching decorations too, like streamers and centerpieces. And party favors. And pointy hats for everyone. Shouldn’t I get a birthday tiara for her?


8 Responses

  1. It’s so easy to go overboard for a baby’s first birthday. The important thing to remember is that while this is a precious milestone in a baby’s life it’s not one they are going to remember but will enjoy looking at the pictures when they are grown. Keep it simple! A lot of birthday ‘hype’ can actually bring on the baby blues and rather than having a happy, bouncy, bubbly one year old you are going to have an unhappy, restless, fussy baby on your hands.

    The absolute must for a baby’s first birthday is that they have a little cake of their own to dig into and to make an absolute mess with. Decorations are not necessary … A new outfit is, as it lends itself to the other necessity … the one year pictures. Little Bri will be all the decorations that her birthday party will need and as for a birthday tiara … it would be cute but would she keep it on and be happy wearing it?

    Don’t stress yourself … have fun and enjoy watching Bri be the center of attention!

  2. I totally agree with lindabelle…big party often equals crabby baby! Keep it simple if you can. πŸ™‚

  3. 1st birthdays are meant to be elaborate. You only have a 1st birthday once! I say go for it. It’s a celebration for her and for YOU and hubs. You guys made it through a big year!

  4. Yeah, we had the rolled fondant cake, crown, over 100 balloons, the whole nine yards. The upside is we learned our lesson AND the second child is getting a cake from Publix, however, it is in the shape of a pirate ship. We will still probably go overboard (no pun intended) because we want the invitations to be sent in a bottle (like a message in a bottle!) Good luck and have fun!

  5. Oh honey, it is just way too easy to go overboard. We stuck to our guns with the “family only” part of it, but then went nutso with the matching napkins and cake and balloons, and decor. You only have one 1st birthday, you know.

    When they get older, the parties become ridiculous. I’m sorry to say I’ve bought into it a little. I’m trying to cut back on the “overdoing” this year, though. Good luck, and ENJOY!

  6. I’m with one of your readers above – they only turn one once – might as well go all out! Just remember to take plenty of pics for future proof because they won’t remember!

  7. I must admit I tend to go overboard…:) It’s too much fun and I love doing it! We did do just family parties this year but I made the cakes and bought all the matching stuff. πŸ™‚ My kids LOVE birthdays!

  8. Oh, it’s way too easy to do this! I have done the same thing. πŸ™‚

    I have a blog award for you on my site.

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