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Hubster is my Hero

Hubster had a stroke of genius last night. We probably should have thought of this sooner. The root of the problem (with the dog) was Lilly’s barking. She barks in the night, and she barks at the neighbors when we let her outside. If we put her in the back yard for the afternoon, she always wakes us in the middle of a nap, with incessant barking. We have a nice backyard where we’d like to move her, but the barking would drive the neighborhood nuts.

Hubster took Bridoodle and I out to eat last night, and then we all went to a local petstore to buy a bark collar. When we got home, he hooked up the whole thing. Then he went outside and rang the doorbell about a hundred times. (Lilly always barks at the doorbell). She was in the middle of her eighth bark when the voltage reached the right level. She yelped and jumped sideways.

Hubster ran to check on her. We determined she was okay, and we let her take a break. Two hours later, before bed, we let her outside to do her business. As usual she started barking towards the neighbor’s window. On bark number two, we heard the yelp. He called her back in and she bolted inside without any fuss.

She seems to be learning pretty quickly. I was afraid that she would bark at the shock and then launch into a cycle of barking. But she seemed to get the message. She stopped barking immediately after the yelps. It’s going to be so nice to have a clean house and an outdoor dog. Hubster is my hero!