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Surprise Attack

On Tuesday, during seventh period, a lady from the front office buzzed my room. She announced that I had a phone call downstairs. Absentmindedly, I asked the name of the caller. She hesitated a second before stating that it was someone from the daycare. I jumped to my feet and ran out of the room. I imagined every possible trauma that could have befallen my toddling daughter as I ran down the flight of stairs. Seconds later I was standing in the front office, talking to Bridoodle’s room leader. She told me that my baby had a fever of 102 degrees. I breathed a sigh of relief and made the needed arrangements.

I stayed home with Bri on Wednesday and Thursday. Her fever rose and eventually broke. The pediatrician says it’s yet another ear infection.

Today I went back to school, and Hubster stayed home with Bri. Now keep in mind that I’d only missed two days. TWO days. I couldn’t believe what had happened in my absence.

The guidance department took my entire sixth period class and rescheduled them to other Biology teachers. All of them received new schedules. And in place of those students, I received an Environmental Science class. That means I will be teaching three different preps this year. Nine weeks into the school year, I’ve been handed a whole new roster and a whole new prep. No joke.

My colleagues thought that I would be ticked off. And I admit that I wouldn’t have chosen it for myself, but I wasn’t upset. I saved all of my Environmental Science stuff from last year. So it won’t be all that bad. But still, I can’t believe that they pulled off the whole thing in two days, and never even waited for my opinion about the matter. Craziness, no?


6 Responses

  1. Wow, I can not believe that they would do this SO quickly. It also blows my mind that they would do it to you without calling you. They could not get a substitute for your classes for two days and it was easier to do something THIS drastic? Seems quite odd to me.

    I hope that Bri is feeling better. Sickies are no fun, especially ear infections that show with high fevers.

  2. unbelievable. you have a good attitude though! poor little bri!

  3. Poor Bri. I hope she feels better soon.

    I can’t believe they pulled that off so quickly. It makes me wonder if they were waiting for the opportunity to do something like that.

  4. Actually, my absence fell on the week of federal government check-ups. Because of No Child Left Behind, schools are required to fill certain quotas for classrooms. My sixth period class was too small and my coworkers had classes that were too large. The guidance dept had until Friday to straighten it out or else we would lose a percentage of our federal funding. They were too busy to check in with me. But I didn’t even find out this information until Friday afternoon. Craziness!

  5. That’s a school for you…they do whatever they want and never ask how you feel about it….ugh, sorry that you have to deal with it!

  6. Oh wow. You were gone only 2 days! Glad you could handle it so well. I hope your new class goes well for you……and that your kiddoes don’t get sick to where you have to be gone again. 🙂

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