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Blissful Moments

Our Brimeister turned one about six weeks ago and I am loving this new world of toddlerhood. It’s so much fun to watch her explore her surroundings.


At the grocery store, she’s intrigued by all of the people and objects on display. She leans out of the cart trying to reach cans of soup and boxes of cereal. I have to be careful about where I stack items in the cart because if she can reach behind her and grab something then she’ll throw it out. While I push the buggy she swings her legs and her feet gently bump into my knees. It’s precious.


She loves to crawl around the house exploring. There’s always a disaster in her wake as she pulls the books and DVD’s off of our shelves. She pulled the printer down on top of herself once! She loves to open cabinets and drawers. In her room she’ll open her bottom drawer and pull out all of the clothes.


Walking around the room has become a pretty common occurrence, although she still likes to hold onto something. She isn’t walking in the middle of the room yet. She loves to stand under the TV and press the buttons along the bottom. It seems that she has a knack for changing the channel in the middle of whatever we’re watching. Remote controls are one of her favorite toys too (but we take the batteries out while we’re watching TV). We keep the light switch remote for our bedroom on my nightstand and she can crawl over, stand up and grab it. Then she turns on the fan and makes the lights blink on and off.


Her favorite words are “Mama”, “Dada” and “Nana”. She also likes to say “No No” and a variety of nonsense words like “Doy doy” (rhymes with toy) and “Guh guh.” She says “Dada” ALL the time, but I’ve learned how to use this to my advantage.


Me: Who do you want to change your diaper Bri?

Hubs: Say Mama.

Me: Say Dada.

Hubs: Say Mama.

Bri: Dada!

Me: Hee hee, she called for you again! (smirk)

Hubs: Yay.