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Reflections on the Elections

November fourth marked a historical day for our nation and for our family. As Hubster and I sat in the living room that afternoon, alternating between reruns of Friends and updates on the elections, Bridoodle took her first steps. Hubs was stretched out on the floor, surrounded by her toys, when she ventured out from the safety of the perimeter. She let go of the pack n’ play leg and took about three steps before she plopped down onto his stomach. We’d both been so absorbed by the TV that it took us a minute to realize what she’d done. It wasn’t long before the TV was turned off! We took turns video taping her and we decided to go out to eat to celebrate. My sister met up with us at a local Mexican place and we had a blast! Bri was the star of the evening. She kept making the cutest puckered up face after sucking on a lemon slice.

When we got home, we stayed up late to watch the election coverage, but eventually decided to call it a night. McCain and Obama were tied when we went to sleep. Around 3:30 in the morning, Hubs woke up to get ready for work and so I got up to see who our next president would be. It was too early to feel much emotion, so I absorbed the news and went back to sleep.

Throughout the rest of the day, I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. It’s absolutely thrilling to see such hope on the faces of all of my African-American students. They were so proud and so hopeful. Heads were held high and t-shirts proudly displayed that change had come. The word ‘Obama’ seemed to float through the air in the halls. And to be honest, I’ve felt all along that the greatest contribution Obama could make to our country would be to stand up as a worthy role model for kids like my students. They need that.

Then my stomach would drop at the thought of nationalized health care and infanticide. Not to mention the fact that our economy is on shaky legs as it is and we’re putting a relatively inexperienced man in charge. That’s pretty scary. After a few loop-de-loops on the roller coaster, I would remember that McCain was 72 years old. I know he survived prisoner of war camp as a young thing, but that was a long time ago. Before my parents were even born! How could he possibly understand my generation?

So to sum up, the whole thing was pretty much a lose-lose situation in my opinion. Neither candidate had everything that I wanted. Maybe my ideals are too high. But I’m very happy for President-elect Obama and I really hope that he sets a better example than previous democratic presidents have done, because there are a whole lot of impressionable kids out there who idolize him right now. But the MOST important thing that happened on Tuesday? My daughter started walking! Woohoo! Won’t that be a fun story to tell her one day?