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Some kid bit Bridoodle today.

Bri's bite mark

6 teeth on top and 8 teeth on bottom


Wanted: Novel Editor

Obviously, I haven’t written an installment this week. I’m stuck. You could call it writer’s block, except it’s more like, a case of the-writer-screwed-up-and-has-to-fix-it-before-she-can-continue.

My mistake came a few weeks ago when I messed up the timeline. In part 12 we were hanging out with the Miller family and then in part 13, it’s the next morning and Clary and Honey have a heart to heart discussion. But then in part 14, we jump back to the Miller household and it’s the night before. Yikes. So, I’m working on a few revisions.

The downside to this whole concept of publishing as I write, is that I’m human and I’m bound to make mistakes. But the upside, is that I have a few editors already. So, while I’m already revising a few things, I was wondering if you might have any suggestions.

Did you find any places where I royally screwed up? Have you seen any typos or grammatical errors? Are there paragraphs that are too thin and need a little more meat?

I know you’ve always thought that you’d make a great editor. So here’s your chance to shine. What else can I polish? If you’ve missed an installment or two, refer to the novel index for an updated guide.

(Note: There will be no financial compensation for this position. Just the satisfaction of throwing your two cents into the mix.)