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Crazy Search Phrases

Over the past few months, I’ve been saving funny search phrases. Most people find my blog by searching for “medical school dropout,” “cheesy potato casserole,” or “leaving children in the car.” However, occasionally a phrase comes along that just makes me giggle. Here are a few of the best ones in my collection.

1. “things a stalker would sayI have lots of strange visitors, but no stalkers … that I know of.

2. “ugly peopleMaybe there was a misunderstanding. I said ‘ugly portables.’ Know any graffiti artists?

3. “college could go barefoot Sounds a little ironic. I can just picture a bunch of hillbilly college students walking around without shoes. Although I might have mentioned the fact that I bared my toes for the North Campus fountain back in my college days, in my 100 Things post.

4. “teeth spit up baby You must have been looking for a tabloid headline. Or else English is your third language. Betcha found this spit-up vs. vomit post, instead.

5. “why do u want to have friendship with me More importantly, why is it so very hard to type all THREE letters in the word “you?” And if that didn’t scare you away, then I’m taking applications for friends because Emma moved away.

6. “what would be my punishment for leaving

A) medical school?

B) children in the car?

C) campus to make-out with a boy?

D) my cell phone on normal instead of silent?

7. “what to use to make my weed taste goodWell, chicken POT pie, naturally. Google has a sense of humor. (Note: Brain cells are limited and they don’t grow back. Don’t do drugs. ‘Nuff said.)