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An Attitude of Grattitude

As a child, I remember the frustration of listening to a lecture about how I could “choose to be happy.” It seemed like such a dumb thing to say. How could anyone control their own happiness?

It dawned on me late in high school that I had missed the lesson in the “choose to be happy” phrase. I think the youth pastor must have fashioned a series on thankfulness, because that’s when I learned what it all meant. As a child, I always thought that the adults were saying I could just decide to be happy, but what they really meant to say was that I could choose what would make me happy. I couldn’t have a new American girl doll, but I could choose to love the dolls that I already owned.

It really boils down to the things that make you smile. What are you thankful for?

Right this second, I’m enjoying the pecans that I’m snacking on while I wait for Bri to wake up so that we can eat together. The weather outside is beautiful. I’m excited about seeing my family in a few hours for Thanksgiving. My new Sketchers look so cute with this outfit and I’m wearing my FAVORITE blue jeans.

When I start listing the things I’m thankful for, I start to smile. It makes me happy.

Most of the time, we tend to criticize every little thing. (Totally preaching at myself here.) By doing that, we’re just choosing to be unhappy. Do you want to be unhappy in your marriage? Then criticize your husband. Do you want to be unhappy at work? Make a list of everything you hate about everybody. It’s the perfect recipe for frustration.

The pattern is easy to slip into, and it impacts everyone around you. Personally, I’d much rather hang out with someone who seems to be too happy all the time than someone who files one complaint after another. So I’m striving to be that person, myself. (Because I’m stuck in here, so I might as well be someone that I like.)