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It’s Not Even Lunch Time Yet!

The day has only just begun, but we’ve accomplished a LOT! Here’s a list of what I’ve done in the last four hours.

*Woke up, got Bri changed and dressed for daycare and fixed her sippy cups for the day. (Used the VERY last diaper in the house. I found it hidden at the bottom of a bag after panicking and ransacking the house in my search for one. Whew!)

*Took Bri to daycare.

*Came home. Read portfolio handbook. Printed several rubrics. Realized that the ink cartridge had kicked the bucket.

*Woke up Hubster and enticed him to come get McDonald’s for breakfast with me. (I learned this sneaky trick from my mom. Start with the promise of breakfast. Then when you have your prisoner in the car, announce that you must pick up a few essentials on the way. Hee hee!)

*Got bacon, egg and cheese biscuits.

*Hijacked Hubster and dragged him to Wal-Mart to get the new ink cartridge, diapers, and toilet paper.

*Found the diapers and the toilet paper. Bought all of Bri’s Christmas presents! (Wahoo for Black Friday!) But they were out of the ink cartridge I needed.

*Went to another store and purchased TWO ink cartridges. That out to be enough.

*Drove home.

*Rearranged the den.

*Got all of the Christmas decorations out of the attic.

*Set up the Christmas tree stand.

*Took the carseat out of the truck and went with Hubster to get a Christmas tree.

*Came home.

*Set up the tree.

*Unloaded the presents.

*Put the carseat back in the truck.

*Pulled the outdoor Christmas decorations out of the garage.

*Abandoned Christmas decorations to continue working on portfolio.

*Reprinted rubrics.

*E-mailed instructor with questions about the portfolio.

*Checked my blog.

*Updated with today’s post.

*Realized that I have been getting side-tracked too easily.

*Considered taking a nap.

*Worked feverishly on the portfolio instead. -sigh-