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Putting Together Our Tree

On Friday I worked like a mad woman to get as much done as I possibly could while Bri was in daycare. I spent about five hours working on my portfolio and then I stayed up until midnight (after Bri went to sleep) assembling our tree.

tree with just lightsTo begin with I put together the wreaths for the front of the house. Then I hung them around the room so that Hubs can put them up later. After stringing the lights around the tree, I paused for a picture. The den smells amazing now!

This year I’m decorating with red and gold. So I started off by hanging all of my generic red and gold ornaments.

red ornament

I found these packs of gold, spray-painted, dried vines at a craft store a few Christmases ago. I love the effect of sticking them in the tree. I’m going to have to look for more when I do my bargain shopping after Christmas this year because the packs get thinner every year as I lose some to the tree.

Then I started pulling out the sappy ornaments. Those are the best. Each one reminds me of a story. I can’t wait to decorate the tree with Bridoodle in a few years. We’ll pull them out of their tissue wrappings and their tiny boxes and I’ll tell her story after story of how we came to own each ornament.

wedding ornament

This ornament was given to us the year that we were married. That year I decorated the tree with silver bows because we only had two real ornaments. I tied silver ribbons and used paper clips to hook about 30 disposable silver bows to the tree (the kind that come in a bag with a sticky pad on the other side). My medical school friends thought that it was hilarious when they came over for our Christmas party.

For Lilly’s first Christmas, Emma bought us this ornament. Isn’t it adorable? And the light catcher behind it was a birthday gift from one of my bridesmaids. It’s meant to go in the window but I liked it better as a Christmas ornament.

lilly and the light catcher

When we moved to our first house, our neighbors came over to welcome us with this adorable ornament. It was the perfect gift because we closed right after Thanksgiving.

new house

One of my favorite homemade ornaments came as a result of an unexpected walk through Lowe’s. I think Hubster was in the middle of some boring decision around this time last year, so I wandered off. While I was exploring I stumbled across the perfect Christmas tree ornament. He thought I was nuts when I came skipping up the aisle with a handful of red outdoor faucet knobs.

homemade ornament

I’ve also chosen my wrapping theme for this year. I’m going with striped paper and funky bows. Here are a few of Bridoodle’s Christmas presents.

Bri's presents

Can you keep a secret? She’s also getting this adorable rocking horse. I think it’s going to be a family heirloom. Her great-grandmother gave it to my cousins, who have graciously passed it on to Bri. Isn’t it cute?

rocking horse

Merry Christmas!


3 Responses

  1. Your ornaments are really neat. I love how you wrote this post:) I really like the packages you wrapped. Did you get a real tree? What kind did you get. We got a Douglas Fir this year.

  2. Hey, I have one of those red faucet ornaments! 🙂 I always shake my head in wonder at people who have a theme for their Christmas trees, because I am never that organized. Also, when I married Troy my mom gave me the box of Christmas ornaments that I’d gotten over the years as gifts, so when we were newlyweds we already had a whole tree’s worth of ornaments, each one with a story. I need to start a similar box for Annalie!

  3. I love your wrapping theme. I might just have to “borrow” it for our gifts this year!

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