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Breaking and Entering

Officer Hubster came home with a battle wound and a great story the other day. Don’t freak out. It was just a little gash on the side of his hand. It’s already healed up. There might even be a shiny new scar.

See, what happened was … (that’s how all of my students start a good story) … a few mornings ago, the dispatch center received a 911 call from an address in Officer Hubster’s zone. Complete silence filled the call and then the line went dead. The operator immediately called the number back. The phone rang and rang. No one answered. So she dispactched Officer Hubs and one of his buddies to the house.

When they arrived, they rang the bell and knocked on the door several times. No one answered. So they moved to look in the windows. Hubs could see a frail old man laying on a hospital bed. His arms and legs were motionless, but his eyes were roaming frantically. Both of the officers thought he looked like a stroke patient. Maybe he had tried to call 911 but had lost the use of his arms before he got a chance to speak. Or maybe he wasn’t capable of speaking because of the stroke. So they raced around to the back door, where there was a glass window. They shattered one of the window panes and Hubs stuck his hand through to unlock the door. (That’s how he cut his hand.)

They barged through the door shouting, “Police!” just like in the movies. Rushing into the house, they found the old man’s room and scared the fool out of him. He woke up to two panicked police officers and he scared them to death when he started yelling! The poor guy was BLIND. Did you know that blind people can sleep with their eyes open? Their eyes move around, but see nothing.

It gets better. Apparently, his adult kids were living in the house too, and were also asleep that morning. All three of them slept through the phone calls, the door bell, the banging on the door and the breaking of the back window!

Luckily, they were not a bit upset about the incident. After Hubs and the other officer explained the situation, everyone seemed pretty amused. They even found him some gauze for the cut on his hand. The weirdest part, in my opinion, was the fact that no one had called 911. Apparently glitches like that happen every once in awhile.


One Response

  1. How could someone have called 911, but not have called 911? That’s so weird, but kind of funny too. 🙂 Glad your husband didn’t get hurt too badly. Those police shows on tv make being a police officer look so hazardous.

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