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Sneeze Poll

It all started while I was making dinner tonight. The jumbalaya bubbled away on the stove and Bridoodle sat happily in her high chair with a piece of cheese for an appetizer. So I started unloading the dishwasher. Bri giggled at me while I sang EIEI-Ohhh at the top of my lungs. I put away the top layer of the dishes and checked the window to see if Hubs had arrived home yet. The kitchen filled with the spiciness of Cajun cooking. We were happy.

Then out of nowhere, a huge manly sneeze welled up inside of me. My eyes widened and I took two steps away from the stove. I spun around, involuntarily closed my eyes, and let out the gigantic sneeze. When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was standing over the silverware drawer. I had just finished unloading all of the clean silverware into the drawer!

Allow the horror of the moment to sink in and then answer this poll question. What should I do next?

Update: Hubster wanted to make sure that you knew that he cleaned out the whole drawer thoroughly. He hand washed the silverware that we needed for dinner and loaded the rest up in the dishwasher. He even washed the tray that organizes everything! He’s my hero.


8 Responses

  1. Everything in the drawer would get loaded back into the dishwasher. I’ve done this before!

  2. I’m a super clean freak but if it was today I would probably just close the drawer. Unless it was a really nasty sneeze. Its been one of those days…

  3. I agree with Lindabelle. (I chose clean it all.) I too would use the dishwasher to wash them!!

    However, if I am honest, I would just want to close the drawer… But, I think I’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking feeling guilty for not cleaning them!

  4. I’d close it EXCEPT if I was feeling sick.
    Germs don’t survive on stuff for that long, surely! (Right?)

  5. I’d totally just close it. I might clean the top layer if there was anything visible on it, but otherwise I am pretty lazy about stuff like that.

    Unless I was sick or something, of course. 🙂

  6. Top layer – and only if it was a wet sneeze.
    You’re all family! 😉

  7. Ewwww, definitely, FOR SURE, totally clean all of it! Just stick it in the dw, or in the sink with scolding hot, soapy water!!!

  8. That description made me want to clean my OWN corn skewers.

    My Google alert for “sneeze” brought me here. A person with your sense of humor and zest for life will want to know about the new way to respond to a sneeze.

    This response is easy to extend if one sneeze become many. It carries across a room and down the hall. It creates a whole new phenomenon when several people do it at the same time. You might not want word of it to reach your school, workplace or community, but there may be no way to stop it. All you may be able to do is delete this comment so you don’t contribute to the spread of the GAZOON HIGH TWIZZLE—a whistle after a sneeze. See it in animation at GazoonHighTwizzle.com.

    Best wishes!

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