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Works for Me Wednesday

Bridoodle is at that extremely fun stage where she loves to remove her shoe. Not both shoes. Just the right shoe. She then proceeds to gallop around happily with a funny limp.

Her skills have improved over the last few months, and she can now remove her shoe in the time it takes for me to shut the door and get in the driver’s seat. It’s very annoying. When we get to our destination, I must locate the shoe (because she tosses it in the air and it can land ANYWHERE) and then I have to get it back on her squirming little foot while she protests.

sock covered shoe

Out of desperation the other day, I tried this little trick. I placed one of my own socks over her shoe. And it worked! She spent thirty minutes in the car struggling to get the sock off and when we arrived at our destination, both the shoe and the giant sock were still in place. Voila! This will be our new method for any event where we’re running late.

Which means, we’ll be using this trick EVERY day! For more WFMW posts visit We are THAT Family.


Lions and Tigers and Chairs! Oh my!

This morning as we were heading out for work and daycare, respectively, Bridoodle had a sudden burst of energy. That in and of itself is pretty normal, but the results were pretty spectacular today! Bri figured out how to climb up in a big chair! It was so cute. She was full of determination. And the girl has NO fear!

the big girl in her chair

She’s very proud of her new trick. She likes to hop down and climb up over and over again. You may remember her dress, as it was her Halloween costume. She was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. It seems to be much tighter these days! And those glittery red shoes are now her favorite thing to wear. They live in her dress up box, and she’s always asking us to put them on her feet.

Halloween 2008