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Hairbow Happiness

bridoodle in fish tails

I spent my free time this weekend on a new craft project. Bridoodle had to have some new hair-bows. We only had white ones and pink ones. Around here, in the “Deep South” as the meteorologist said this morning, all the little girls wear bows to match their outfits. Even a simple cotton dress must be accompanied by a huge bow. It’s a Southern style standard. And the only thing better than a ginormous, head-covering bow would be a set of two identical pig tail bows. But they are stinkin’ expensive to buy.

green polka dot bow

Rather than pay the exorbitant fees that boutiques charge for hair-bows, I decided to make some myself. And other than a slight burn to my left birdie finger, I am extremely satisfied with the results. So is Bridoodle. She enthusiatically modeled them for me. I didn’t even have to direct her to pose. She’s a natural.

my prissy toddler

Bri also has a very generous heart and was quite willing to share her bows with me. I let her arrange them in my hair, periodically checking my new hair-do in the mirror, until we both collapsed in giggles.

putting bows in Mommy's hair

Maybe she’s going to be a hair-dresser when she grows up. I don’t know. It may be too early to tell. Here’s the view from the back of my head. Very nice.

bri helped fix my hair

So after all of that work, we now have a variety of different colored bows. Here’s our current bow collection (but I didn’t make any of the white ones or the pink ones). I made the red, blue, green, yellow and purple bows. (Not pictured: fish tail bows from above – I also made those).

homemade bow holder

Remember the tutu that I made not too long ago? It’s our resident bow holder. The black onesie (which is now too small for Bri to wear) serves as our leotard. When we need a tutu for dress up, I can take it down quickly and Bri can dance around with or without the bow decorations. It’s cute, practical and decorative!


5 Responses

  1. Very cute and creative! I love the green ones especially.

  2. I love bows and lace and flowers and everything pretty. Very cute!

  3. So cute! But what is a fishtail bow? Never heard of that one!

  4. Those are adorable bows. Good for you. 🙂

  5. Melissa- The very first picture at the top of the post shows pigtail bows with fishes on them. I’ve nicknamed them fishtail bows. Bri picked out that ribbon at the store and I let her carry it around because she was especially fussy that day. When I bought it I had no idea how I would use it! But it actually matches an outfit or two, so I’m very pleased with her choice.

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