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Here Comes the Bride

My sister, B, got engaged over Christmas break but I was sworn to secrecy until she finished telling all of her friends. By the time I was allowed to post my pictures of the freezing cold couple on their engagement day, it seemed like old news. So I forgot to blog about it. (I’m a bad sister!)

engaged crop

She’s currently studying to be a physical therapist and her schedule is really hectic, so she waited until this weekend to go dress shopping for the first time. (Her wedding will be next summer). She invited our mom, our grandmothers, the mother of the groom and her bridesmaids to go with her for the first shopping trip. We took over the most of the store!

the macy wedding shoe

When we arrived, my detail-oriented sister pulled out a list of dresses that she’d researched online. The sales lady zipped around the store finding B’s size in each dress. We didn’t have to wrestle with the huge plastic liners. It was awesome! While we waited, our first stop was the shoe section. We all fell in love with the glamorous high heeled shoes. B picked out a pair to wear for the day and ear-marked more in her handy-dandy notebook.

super bridesmaids

I spent the entire session snapping gorgeous pictures of B in the various dresses, but I’m sworn to secrecy again! So let me show you what the rest of us did while we waited for her to try them on. The bridesmaids took turns helping her finagle her way into the dresses. They brought the old ones out and took the new ones in. We established an efficient system after the first couple of dresses.

waiting for the next dress

My grandmother enjoyed perusing the wedding dress catalog with one of B’s bridesmaids, while Meemaw and I played with mirrors and camera angles. We had a lot of fun snapping pictures.

flower pose

The mother of the groom got in on the playful action. She found this cute hair piece and decided to try it on for me. She’s so much fun! Her stories had us in stitches for the entire trip. We were laughing it up!

mother of the groom

The groom’s mom and I were standing in this corner, waiting on B, when I told her about the first time I’d ever met her son. I’m amazed that I didn’t scare him away! After dating my sister for only a month, he was invited to my wedding. It was a quick, last minute decision, and his mom remembers being surprised about it. When he met us for the first time, at the wedding reception, I was in a very silly mood and he was such a good sport. Hubs and I were both charmed by him.

the bride-to-be

At the bridal salon, B looked amazing in every dress she tried on. She’s going to have a hard time choosing a dress because she’s stunning in EVERYthing. Unfortunately, the only thing I’m allowed to post for now, are the pretty shoes. She hasn’t committed to these shoes, or anything yet. She has to find a dress first. But it was a lot of fun watching the whole process begin.

strappy wedding shoes

I can’t believe that my baby sister is getting married. Does anyone else feel really old?


One Response

  1. Love those shoes! Those are awesome– However make sure to get her some nice white fuzzy slippers b/c after wearing heels all day she will need them! I wore slippers at my reception, no one was none the wiser either! 🙂

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