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Twofer One

Day 4 of 7

Hubster had the day off yesterday so we kept Bri home from daycare and had a family day. All day long I kept thinking it was the weekend.
Around dinner time we pulled the wading pool out in the front yard and let Bri play with her new water toys. She had so much fun! And she even shared her water with the grass (which you can see needs it pretty badly)
While she played, Hubs grilled a few brats and some corn on the cob. I had a photo session last night (there’s sneak peek below if you want to see) so I left Bri and Hubs outside playing and went inside to change clothes.
When I came back outside Bri was running around the yard squealing and Hubster was chasing her with the hose. They were both soaking wet! It was the best kind of family day.


The session went really well, although it was extremely hot and muggy. I discovered some unusual sweat stains on my shirt when I got home. Hopefully my clients didn’t notice them!

At the very end of the session I was attacked by a bug as big as a frog. I screamed so loud it scared the little girl and she ran to her Mawmaw. They all looked at me like I was crazy. Then I showed them the godzilla sized bug and they were all clamoring for me to take a picture of it. Seriously! Here’s photographic evidence.


When it crawled across my foot I couldn’t see my sandals anymore. It spanned my whole foot. Scared me to death!

Day 5 of 7:

Today’s theme for seven days is HAND. As soon as I read that a few days ago, I knew what my story would be about.


I usually hide my left hand from people. I’m conscious to use my right hand for pointing and correcting in the class room. The reason for this strange quirk of mine is that I’ve had a wart on the index finger of my left hand for the last five years. I know it showed up the summer after my wedding.

And I know it was still there the last week of June this year because I taught the 5 year olds in VBS. One of the little boys asked me how I got the wart on my finger and I told him it was from picking up frogs.

Well, somewhere in the last three weeks, my wart has disappeared. It’s not there anymore! Isn’t that weird?


5 Responses

  1. That is weird. Cool that it disappeared. I had something like that on my foot for years then it just went away. Love all the pictures and your family day sounded great.

  2. That is the grossest bug ever! That is when you give up and move to somewhere with less bugs (o:

  3. SO glad you came by. I was wondering how to find you again. I was wanting to follow you business start and see how it all fares. Please email:

    animatorswife at gmail dot com anything your wondering about. I am going to go see how to subscribe here so I don;t lose you again…

  4. Ew! That bug is awful!

  5. It scares me that there are actually bugs like that out there!

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