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the people at BlogHer

I met some awesome people at BlogHer. Some were bloggy celebrities in my eyes. Like Secret Agent Mama. I was so excited that I got to take her picture that I only snapped one. And she blinked. Poifect!


Some were actual celebrities. For instance, I got to hang out with Erin Manning, who stars in HGTV’s “The Whole Picture” in an exclusive four student photography class. Yes, I am that kind of coolness.


There were also people that I’d never heard of before I left for Chicago, but developed instant friendships with over the course of the trip. Kellie was one of those people. She has the most gorgeous red hair.


Another person like that was Lynn. She and I talked for hours about photography, marriage, parenting and everything in between. We had so much in common! I shared my marketing strategies with her and she told me all about her upcoming wedding.


But if there was only one person on the whole trip that I could blog about, I would have to tell you about my awesome roomie and cousin the Queen of HaddockBridget.


She’s got to be the coolest person on the planet. I love hanging out with her! She’s generous, funny and extremely thoughtful. She let me tag along with her to visit her blog friends a couple of times, which was awesome because I was feeling a little lost in the sea of humanity.


But she was not clingy at all. We went our separate ways for most of the trip and spent time catching up in the evenings.


I was seriously amazed by her generosity. She thought to tip people that I usually overlook. When I was feeling impatient and dehydrated, she seemed to radiate calmness and humor. On Saturday, when I was scheduled to livblog two sessions in a row, I came down with a horrible migraine. I was unable to get in touch with the BlogHer staff, so I finally texted Bridget and she left what she was doing to come rescue me. She finished my liveblog and brought my computer back to the room. When she saw that I had retreated into the merciful blackness of the bed with the curtains drawn, she went out shopping so that I could sleep.


She’s definitely the best cousin-in-law a girl could ever ask for and I’m so very glad to be her friend.


7 Responses

  1. You are sneaky, you!

    You’re the favoritest person I met in Chicago. I’m so glad we did!

  2. awww how wonderful.
    Sorry that you had a migraine, too. I had one on Friday and it lost pretty much the whole day of BlogHer for me.

    LOVE the pics and of course Mishi blinked 😉 LOL

  3. I think she’s pretty awesome, but then I am a little biased!

    Still not sure how I tricked her into marrying me…

  4. To be at the top of your list makes me so happy. So giddy with the love!

    Thank you, dear! I so love that picture of me. I see bliss in my expression, even with eyes closed. Maybe even more so!?

  5. Great pics! It was such an interesting experience being there. Our Chicago pizza experience together was one of the highlights of the trip. You’re truly a genuine, lovely person and I’m so glad I met you.

  6. Aww…I just saw the tweet you sent me with this link. And I haven’t gone through my Google Reader in daaaaaaaaaaaaaays, so I’m just now reading this. You are too, too sweet!

    And that last “smile”? I totally see where Emmie gets that now! (I just hope she doesn’t have that boobage! Oh, my!)

    I’m so glad we went…it really was a lot of fun!

  7. Gorgeous photos. I so wish I had been able to make it to BlogHer to meet you. Now we will just have to figure another time to meet.

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