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Everything is Sacred

I have a Caedmon’s Call song running through my mind right now that perfectly explains my recent lack of blogging. I’ve been so busy with the every day details of life. “My cup runneth over. I worry about the stains.” It’s been a busy month. I don’t know how we find the time to get to the laundry. Seems like we’re always on the go. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So here’s a recap of our month so far.


Bridoodle turned two and we rented a moonwalk to celebrate. For some reason the rental company decided to be generous with their loan so we had a Disney princess castle in our yard for three days even though we only paid for one day.


They weren’t kidding about the castle part either. It was taller than our house! Bri loved every minute of it. We let her bounce on it all weekend. She still looks out the window to inform me that Snow White is all gone.


This year she finally got the concept of opening presents. I think she’ll remember them at Christmas time too. She had a harder time letting go of the new toy to open the next present but was easily coerced into more paper tearing. We had lots of fun eating her birthday cake and watching her rip into the packages.


We spent the following weekend with Nana and Poppy. They gave Bri tickets to see Elmo in a live performance about Sunny the sunflower. I’ve never seen Bri so excited before. She gleefully shouted each Sesame Street character’s name as they came out on stage. We were all swept up in the joy on her face. It was a really fun experience.


At one point Telly walked right past our seats. Bri decided to stay safely tucked in Nana’s arms, but she did watch and point as he continued down the aisle. It was a fabulous show!


In addition to all of that, life’s been pretty crazy this month. Hubs and I got new cell phones and numbers. I’ve been juggling two jobs and loving it! The photography business is doing pretty well and teaching is trying to kill me. All in all, though, I am still having fun at both jobs. Here are a few of my favorite shots of Bri from her two year old session.




Don’t let all of these sweet pictures fool you though. We’re definitely hitting some rocky patches with Bri. She’s the most willful thing you’ve ever seen! Charming one minute…


and throwing a ferocious tantrum the next!


I’m always amazed at the intensity and duration of her tantrums. She threw a nice fit at Radioshack over the weekend and we were worn out after it was over. I never knew it would be like this.

Here’s my last little story for this epic post. We discovered a free clown night at Moe’s by accident one night. Bri fell in love with the clown and let her paint a butterfly on her arm. {The clown’s name was Lollipop and she offered a great tip for parents of toddlers. It’s just as easy to paint on a toddler’s arm as it is her face, but it won’t upset her nearly as much if she can see what’s going on. Smart clown!}


After we ate our burritos that night, we took Bri to the park so that she could run off some energy. Life is good. It’s busy but it’s extremely good. We’re too busy making memories for me to write them all down.


5 Responses

  1. What a great update 🙂 So hard to believe that the little ones are growing up right before our eyes. Two year olds are quite interesting. My little guy is a character and I love it…most of the time.

    So glad that you got to see Sesame Street Live. They put on one of the best shows. We have been three years in a row now and will see what we decide about January (snow makes it tough).

  2. So glad to see an update and glad things are going well! Very cute pictures!

  3. Oops! That was me above – forgot to log out of another account. 🙂

  4. Glad to see ya posting again, was beginning to wonder if you guys were okay! I have a few questions I need to ask your hubs so I’ll be calling you soon!

  5. hi,beautiful jeans in your post,I love thatnicejeans,I need to find one for me,bill

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