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100 Things

It’s a tradition in Bloggyland to write one hundred things about yourself for your hundredth post. So if you’re patient enough to read all of this then here it is for your perusal.

1. As an adult I love to take super scalding hot showers until my skin turns red like a lobster and I get all pruny.
2. When I was a kid I was afraid of taking really hot showers after reading a Goosebumps book where a girl boiled to death because a green ball of ooze turned the locker room shower up too high. (I know I was pretty gullible).
3. I am a science nerd. I think that meiosis and mitosis are pretty cool.
4. I dropped out of medical school half way to becoming a doctor.
5. Now I teach science to high-schoolers (and it’s way more fun than being cooped up in the hospital all day).
6. I like to narrate things in my head.
7. Sometimes my husband and I will play a game where we narrate what the other person said.
For example:
me: “I need you to go to the store today.”
hubby: “she demanded.”
me: “Um, well we really need to get more toilet paper today!”
hubby: “she proclaimed.”
me: “Seriously, will you please go to the store?”
hubby: “she whined.”
8. I’m married to a youngest child. He likes to act like my little brother sometimes.
9. I always wanted a brother growing up. And then I got married. Just kidding honey!
10. I’m super competitive at board games. It’s a family thing. If I can’t win then I don’t want to play.
11. I hate Yahtzee. (I can’t win).
12. I love Anne of Green Gables. I wanted to name my daughter Blythe, like Gilbert Blythe.
13. Dishes that won’t go in the dishwasher are just clutter around here, so I don’t buy them. All of my fine china goes through the dishwasher.
14. Over a decade has passed since that pimply transition called puberty and I still have trouble with acne. It’s no longer a daily struggle (Thank you Jesus!) but I have at least one pimple per week.
15. I live in a constant state of dehydration. People are always telling me to drink more water.
16. A few years before we were married, the Hubs and I went on a trip (with a group) to China. The food was amazing and I still crave it sometimes. We were shocked to see how openly affectionate people were while we were there. It was very common to see groups of three or four (straight) guys walking down the street holding hands or hanging on to each other.
17. I would rather go barefoot and have cold feet than wear socks to bed.
18. I like to pick my nose with Q-tips. Seriously. It’s a daily ritual. If my nose needs picking, and there are no Q-tips around, then I use my pinkie finger rather than my index finger. It fits better. And I wash my hands like eight times. Did I already say that I’m a germaphobe?
19. Making up recipes is super fun. I’m working on a recipe for Baked Potatoe Casserole. (Chunks of potato and bits of ham with a Ritz cracker and sharp cheddar cheese crust).
20. HTML code is like Greek to me. I have to cheat to use it.
21. I listen to the radio in my car. Not satellite radio. Maybe a CD if I’m desperate and nothing good is on the air. But I really like the old-fashioned radio.
22. Country music used to be the worst thing on the planet but somehow either I’ve changed or it’s changed, because I have five country stations preset in my car now.
23. This one may shock you. I hate watching TV. The only things I will willingly watch are HGTV and a limited number of sitcoms. If I’m watching TV it’s usually because Hubby has the remote.
24. People have asked me if I used to be a cheerleader. I have never in my life been limber enough to cheer. The highlight of my flexibility was when I could touch my shoelaces without bending my knees as a freshman in college.
25. We play the movie quotes game a lot. One person says a quote from a movie and everyone tries to guess what movie it came from. The winner gets to think of the next quote. Lots of fun!
26. We love our church and more specifically our Sunday school class. The first week that we visited I told my Hubster that I felt at home there because “all the other wives interrupt their husbands too!”
27. Random things have been disappearing around our house. We’ve lost kitchen shears, a tube of lotion, bottles, and the pizza cutter.
28. My refrigerator is covered with pictures that I’ve glued to magnets. And I have spare ugly magnets on the side of the fridge waiting for pictures to be glued to them.
29. Two years ago Hubby and I went to Hollywood to celebrate our anniversary. We toured several film studio sets and I love to point out places we’ve seen when we see them again in the movies or on TV.
30. I am a total germaphobe. I carry hand sanitizer with me at all times and usually I have two different kinds.
31. I’ve developed the nickname “Monk.”
32. Once when I was pregnant and the cashier at the grocery store was disgustingly sick, I made my Hubby spray every single item with Lysol before he put it away.
33. My parents let me quit softball after I sat down in right field as a little girl to make daisy chains during a game.
34. I strongly dislike any kind of orange cracker, Bugles and Frito’s.
35. When I was a seventh grader I played a very important role in The Wizard of Oz at our community theater. I was the door opener to the wizard’s palace in Emerald City. I got to slam the peephole door in Dorothy’s face!
36. In high school I was the co-captain of the flag line my senior year. Sometimes I like to write flag routines to the worship songs in my mind during church services. I would love to start a flag worship group! Actually I think I would be too embarrassed to ever suggest it in public.
37. I loved dancing as a little girl. I took ballet, jazz and tap. And I took ballroom dancing for several years in high school.
38. I always wished that I could have chestnut brown hair like my best friend in middle school.
39. Up until the time that I was married I slept with a variety of stuffed animals.
40. I currently coach the flag line now at the high school where I teach. My students were shocked and amazed that I could still twirl the flag (especially considering the fact that last summer my pregnant belly stuck out pretty far while I was twirling). I was really proud of myself for choreographing one of the five routines they performed last season.
41. I used to have a red mole punctuating my bikini line. When Bri was born one of the surgeons offered to remove it as part of the C-section. Surprisingly enough, I don’t think they ever sent us a bill for it either.
42. I used to have a horse named Pepper. She foaled on St. Patrick’s day and we named the baby Peppermint Patty.
43. My parents and sister teased me mercilessly, when I was a kid because I had horrible gas. I now realize that I was lactose intolerant. At the time, however, I just thought that my tummy was always upset and our noses paid the price.
44. As a child I could catch butterflies with my bare hands. I had a collection of butterflies that I’d pinned and named with my Dad’s help.
45. I have a love-hate relationship with shoes. I love to buy them, but hate to wear them. If I could go barefoot all the time, I probably would. In fact in college, I frequently pulled my shoes off and roamed the campus in bare feet.
46. I tend to take people’s pens by accident. It’s the only kleptomanic habit that I have.
47. When I read novels I get totally absorbed and usually miss everything that’s going on around me. I’m a speed reader and I usually finish the average sized novel in 6 hours or less. This frustrates my Hubby who is not a speed reader.
48. My favorite jeans come from the Gap outlet. I’ve purchased the same brand at the regular Gap store, and they don’t fit as well or look as good!
49. Peppermint anything sounds good to me. I love spearmint, wintermint, and pretty much any kind of minty smell. Lotion, icecream, bubble bath – you name it and I probably like it in mint!
50. I love to paint but I am terrible about starting paintings that I never finish.
51. My dream house would have a balcony off the master bedroom and a huge garden tub with jacuzzi jets in the master bath. And a window seat in the kitchen. And a studio with big windows where I could paint.
52. I tend to jump from one idea to the next. It’s hard to keep my thoughts on one central theme when I blog.
53. I own two identical graduation gowns. One is from my college graduation and the other was a free gift from Josten’s because I started teaching last year. I didn’t need it, but it was free!
54. I won an Invention Fair when I was in elementary school and got honorable mention in my district. My invention was soft rubber pads to go on the monkey bars at school to keep kids from getting calluses. My dad and his friend who was a chemist, helped me make molds to pour the rubber into for our model. We called them Monkey Grips.
55. I rarely wear gold jewelry. Except for my wedding and engagement rings. Hubby wanted us to have matching gold bands, because our love was first class love, not second class. Or something like that.
56. Purple eyeshadow is really the only kind that looks good on me. I’ve tried lots of other styles with hideous results. Most of the time I don’t even bother to make-up my eyes.
57. Sports have never come naturally for me, although my sister is very athletic. I think she got all the athletic genes from our gene pool.
58. I had “magic” earrings that helped me run faster on the playground in elementary school so that I could catch the boys. One time I actually caught a boy. I didn’t know what to do so I kissed him!
59. Pedicures became a favorite indulgence about a year ago. I don’t like to go by myself, but it’s really fun when you take a friend along. There’s nothing like those hot warm jets on your feet.
60. Sleep is a very precious thing to me and always has been. I remember asking my Mom if I could go to bed when I was little. Nowadays I am not a happy camper with less than 7 hours of sleep and if left to my own devices, I’ll sleep 9-10 hours every day.
61. My legs are becoming marbled with varicose veins. I can’t stop crossing my legs, even though I know it’s bad for me!
62. Office supplies are my most favorite thing ever! Seriously, I love me some office supplies. Multi-colored paper clips, funky colored pens, notebooks with divider tabs, and those little clippy binders – they all make me want to dance around the room!

63. I really want to teach Anatomy and Physiology one day. I love teaching Biology, though. Environmental Science was very challenging for me. Next year I’ll teach Physical Science, so we’ll see how that turns out.

64. When I’m thinking, like I am right this very second, I tend to bite my upper lip at the pointy most part.
65. I wear a size ten shoe. I have ginormous feet.
66. When I was a little girl my cousins loved to make fun of my huge feet.
67. Because of this, I went through a phase where my favorite Bible verse was “How beautiful are the feet of him who brings good news.”
68. When I buy the pointy toed shoes I have to buy a size 11 to keep my feet from turning pointy too.
69. I’m very picky about pictures and therefore rarely find myself on the other side of the camera.
70. I cannot sleep in a quiet room. I need some kind of white noise.
71. I have to be absolutely exhausted to sleep while the TV is on.
72. Once I fall asleep I am normally a heavy sleeper (although that seemed to change when the baby came).
73. As a highschooler, apparently I slept through a whole scene involving a close friend getting herself locked into the bathroom and a Mexican janitor named Elvis picking the lock to let her out while the other girls in our group stood around our hotel room laughing.
74. My sister bought me a plastic turqouise backpack for Christmas one year when I was in middle school. I proudly wore it until the strap broke. After that I got my first name-brand bookbag, a Jansport.
75. Back then the big name brands to have were Nike tennis shoes, Timberland boots, Gap clothes and Jansport bookbags. Or LL Bean bookbags. With a monogram on them.
76. My first car was a red ’87 Chevrolet Nova hatchback. It was not the fast kind. It was the 4 cylinder kind that barely made it up the hills in our neighborhood.
77. My second car was my favorite, to this day. It was a shiny red Jeep Cherokee and I loved it to pieces.
78. My Daddy surprised me with it when I graduated from high school. It was the best surprise ever!!
79. When I got married my mom let me choose between a silver car or a new bedroom suit for my wedding present. I really wanted to take the bedroom suit.
80. My Hubby talked sense into me and convinced me to take the new car instead.
81. I still miss my Jeep.
82. I think I’ve only ever truly been surprised twice in my life. Most of the time I figured out that the surprise was coming first.
83. I eat some form of mild cheddar cheese every day. Usually in slices as a snack.
84. When I eat BBQ I always want the white vinegar style pulled pork. The best kinds are usually in tiny cylinder brick buildings located in the middle of nowhere.
85. For some reason I assosciate good BBQ with football. I can still taste the victory of a few special games.
86. I have a weakness for serving bowls in my kitchen. I love to buy them but don’t use them very much.
87. My favorite salad dressing is Catalina. A close second is Caesar salad dressing.
88. I love to wrap gifts and tie them with ribbon. It looks so much prettier.
89. As a result, I have a pile of gift bags that I never seem to regift. Instead, I take them with me to school. I fill them with odds and ends or my lunch. The best part is that I don’t feel guilty, if they never make it back home.
90. It bothers me when strangers come stick their hands in my baby’s infant carrier. And so I tend to get antsy whenever strangers ask about her.
91. Having a baby is like carrying a neon sign that says, “Please, talk to me!”
92. Once when we were at a restaurant eating, Bri started crying. Some random lady walked up and said, “She’s not happy!” I wanted to slug her. Why can’t people just ignore you when your child starts crying?
93. My dog likes my Hubby more than me.
94. That’s probably because I’m the rule enforcer around here.
95. And he feeds her.
96. For the last ten years my favorite band has been Caedmon’s Call. But Nicole Nordeman has been my favorite solo artist.
97. I hate arial font. It bothers me for some reason. My new blog won’t let me change the font, either. Argh!
98. I am terrible with commas. No problems with spelling.
99. I cuss. Sometimes. A lot more lately. And I feel terribly guilty about it afterwards.
100. My first name and my middle name have the same meaning, but different language origins. Both names originate from a Greek/Roman goddess. Weird, huh?


3 Responses

  1. Quite a list! I’ll comment on just a few of those –

    13. Dishwasher safe china is awesome. It’s what has led us to use ours on more than just a rare occasion!
    34. Bridget doesn’t like Bugles either – I just don’t understand…
    59. Take David with you to one of them. It’s actually really enjoyable for guys as well – just skip the toenail polish. And I don’t think I’ll ever do the manicure thing, but the foot and calf massage part of the pedicure is quite nice.
    76. I loved my ’87 Chevy Celebrity Station Wagon with the hatchback – it had character. I miss that car…
    99. You’ll find you do it even more as your kid(s) get older, and with additional kids, and when the dogs continue to ignore your commands…etc, etc. 🙂

  2. #28 yes, I have magnets on the front & side of my refrigerator full of pictures of friends….everyone always looks at them….it’s fun! when I show houses to people, most houses have refrigerators full of pictures,,,it tells alot about the people who live there and their loves ones….
    #30 yes, I carry 3-4 bottles of sanitizer with me in the car and purse…..I show houses and am constantly using it and ask clients if they would like to also….and if someone uses my cell phone….I use a sanitizer cloth to wipe it off; and when I go to the grocery store….I use the sanitizer afterwards…I’m constantly washing my hands throughout the day…..I really think it helps to stay as well as we can….
    love your site and have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now….thanks for sharing all the fun and crazy things that happen to you and your family….love your pictures!

  3. #28 yes, I have magnets on the front & side of my refrigerator full of pictures of friends….everyone always looks at them….it’s fun! when I show houses to people, most houses have refrigerators full of pictures,,,it tells alot about the people who live there and their loves ones….#30 yes, I carry 3-4 bottles of sanitizer with me in the car and purse…..I show houses and am constantly using it and ask clients if they would like to also….and if someone uses my cell phone….I use a sanitizer cloth to wipe it off; and when I go to the grocery store….I use the sanitizer afterwards…I’m constantly washing my hands throughout the day…..I really think it helps to stay as well as we can….love your site and have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now….thanks for sharing all the fun and crazy things that happen to you and your family….love your pictures!

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