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packing it up

Well, folks. I’ve decided to hang up my hat over here. This blog has been like a dear friend that would listen to me day in and day out. I’m really sad to leave this little space of interweb behind. (totally made up the interweb word … gotta love it)

Truthfully, most of my hits over here result from medical school drop out searches. And while I’m happy to offer a ray of sunshine to those who have depressing stories similar to my own, I’ve become overwhelmed with the daily e-mails. I never set out to become the patron saint of medical school dropouts.

In order to move forward with my life,

This blog will remain online until I have time to collect the stories and comments into a book for our family to read and remember. However, I do plan to take it down, once I’ve accomplished that feat.

It’s been an honor to share my journey with you so far. I look forward to many more stories together in the future.



Ooops! I missed a day.

Honestly, I’m actually surprised that I made it all the way to the half way point of NaBloPoMo (posting every day in November) without missing a day. I didn’t think I’d last a week! The lesson I’ve learned this go ’round is that I’d rather post a few good posts each month than a babbling post every day. I think my posts turn out better when I take some time to stew over them for awhile. So I don’t think I’ll be blogging every day anymore. I’m going to just hit the highlights instead!

So why did I fall off the wagon? It was a pretty good reason in my opinion. Yesterday we had some very special company. My sister-in-law and her husband came over for a visit. It was wonderful to hang out with them because for the past year they’ve been living in Scotland – that’s right – the Scotland – located on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Needless to say we had lots of stuff to talk about and we ended up chatting pretty late.

Then Hubs and I had to make a decision on Bridoodle’s plans for today. She has a pink nose that we think is a little fungal infection. Personally I think it’s kind of cute, but I’m her mom. And her eye started gunking up yesterday which means we have another old friend- pink eye. So I pulled out the eye drops from last year and we’ve been applying some over the counter fungal cream to her nose. Poor thing! We felt like it was a good idea to keep her home today since pink eye is so contagious during the first 24 hours. All the other daycare moms can thank me for playing hookie (hooky?) from work. I’m sooo sacrificial!


doesn’t everybody?

Some of you noticed in an earlier post that I took Bri’s picture on top of a coffee table in the middle of our driveway. Doesn’t everybody do that? Well, lest you think that I’m crazier than I really am, let me explain. No, let me sum up.


My parents gave us a coffee table set when we were newlyweds. It was perfect for our tiny apartment, next to our free sofa that we picked up off the curb. A few years later, we upgraded to a new house and big pretty sofas. The coffee table suddenly became too small. So it went into storage along with the end tables that match it.


This past weekend I finally decided we should get rid of the set. I decided to sell them on craigslist but I was too lazy to post a picture. An interested buyer e-mailed me asking for a picture. So I made Hubs get them out of the garage for me. We wiped them down so that I could photograph them. It seems that Bri had other plans though! She thought they were new toys!



She was so excited about them that I decided not to sell them. In fact I’m going to take them out on my next photo shoot! Who knew I had such great props just sitting around in my garage all this time?


“You went to that blogging conference and then stopped blogging.”

It’s true.

I was so excited about the trip to Chicago and the chance to meet bloggers in real life. I talked about it non-stop for a few months. I saved up all of my money. My cousin and I had great plans for fun times. Then about two months before the blogging conference FINALLY arrived, I talked my Hubs into letting me launch a photography business. On a dream and a prayer, we built a little website. By the time July arrived, my little photography business had taken off! I was already raising my prices because I didn’t have time to take on so many sessions. I’d overbooked myself and was desperately trying to churn out edited photos in time for the next client. My trip to Chicago turned into a business trip as I booked lessons on photography and met a friend for headshots in the park. It was wild and exciting but also draining.


Then in August school started. I cut my schedule back and I picked up new tricks for streamlining the editing process, but still I was working almost every evening after school on a shoot or editing. Life seemed full and hectic. Hubster says I had a shorter temper than usual. I was obviously strained.


My load lightened a little in September as I cleared room for Bri’s birthday. Things weren’t so overwhelmingly busy anymore. In October I started to feel major burn out with school. There are so many perks to working from home and my expectations for my job had been unrealistically high. I thought that all of my problems with teaching were due to the inner city school system. When I moved to my new job, I’d expected the kids to be perfect and the paperwork to be lighter. The kids, while much better, are still in fact kids. We won’t even start talking about the paperwork.

So that’s what has happened. The photography business has consumed all of my free time. I love taking pictures and seeing the final results! It’s been quite an adventure.

Another November Has Snuck Up On Me

I started a tradition a few years ago called NaBloPoMo. In an effort to get myself to blog more regularly, I committed to posting every day in November of 2007. The next year I kept up the month of blogging for November of 2008. And now we’ve come to day one of November 2009 and I must confess that I don’t have such a good feeling about it this year. Something about working two jobs has just wiped out all of the free time I used to find for blogging.

That being said, there are a lot of little posts that have been building up inside me during these long quiet periods. Plus I have tons of pictures, and they’re always good for quick posts. So I’m going to try it again. I probably won’t be very long winded, but only because I doubt that I’ll have the time!


To start things off, here’s a picture of Bri from yesterday’s Halloween festivities. We went to our town fall festival in the morning, where she spotted a life-size Abby Cadabby. She happily went over and hugged her leg while I frantically dug for my camera, which of course I’d left at home. We walked around looking at all of the booths and I promised myself to set one up for the photography business next year (in all my free time). After naptime we went to a church event where Bri enjoyed playing games and eating candy. Then we went out to dinner with friends before heading home. It was lots of fun!

Community Keynote ~ Liveblog

I’m back with a liveblog of tonight’s keynote speakers. This panel has been chosen by a committee to read extremely significant posts from their own blogs.



Hanging out in the giant ballroom waiting for the keynote to start. For pictures visit CityStreams (that’s me).

Introduction- This community keynote is about you and me and all of us. I’m really proud to introduce Eden Kennedy to kick us off.

Eden – Quick thank you to Elisa who was the real organizer behind this endeavor. I also want to thank Jes Ferris and Lori Luna, Angela, Polly, MooshinIndy and Megan Smith.

First reader- Bossy (I Am Bossy)

This is a little thing I like to call Dr. Seuss’s ode to a blog conference… (link to come).

“She’ll be the tall one in the back with a wine in each fist.”

Second reader – Issa (Issa’s Crazy World)

Uncle Marky (link to come) –  “I have always given to bums… because each of them is a human being. Each one of them could be someone’s Uncle Mark.”

Third reader – Karen Waldrond

Racial skepticism – (link to come) – Even as I live my life and show that I judge people not on the content of their skin but on the character. It’s hard to live in a country where you live different. … In the ’90’s not everyone believed I was an engineer. Not everyone believes I am a lawyer. “Are you sure you don’t mean a paralegal?”

Fourth reader – Sherry (Sherri?) Reed

Amends – Part of staying sober is making a decision to be more postive…. (link to come) …The idea behind the first year of sobreity is to chisel away at the bad memories. It seems that there are so many “I’m sorries” waiting in the wings.

Fifth Reader – Julie D – I Do Things So You Don’t Have To

“Hi everybody, I’m JD and when I was a kid – I faked a concussion so that you don’t have to.” (link to come) Like all ten year olds, I was physically indestructible. “We’d probably go to McDonald’s on the way home.” “It never occurred to me that the doctor would think that I was lying.” “All of these questions were making me sleepy.”

Quick PS to this story – many years later I confessed to my mom that it was a big lie to my mom. I thought we’d have a big laugh about it. She was pissed. And to this day she brings it up at family gatherings to make me feel bad. And I do. Sort of.

Sixth Reader – Mike –

This is called, “Hello, Hello.” (link to come)

A lot of people think that cell phones were invented for calling or texting but I think they were invented to avoid people at parties on four hour pretend conversations. This is a big step up because before that I would lock myself in the bathroom.

Seventh Reader -Pam Mendell

I wrote this in a really crappy, generic strip motel outside of Tampa. (link to come) I loved the idea behind my three day junket to New York. This is another non-vacation. Lately it seems that my solidarity is with the road warriors. They stride through the terminals with a cell phone to one ear.

I find it extremely disconcerting to wing across three hundred miles of scenery to see the same landscape that I’d left behind. Concrete and strip malls.

Eight Reader – Amy Sharp – DoubleVeh

Sometimes I would stand in the stacks while practicing French at my high school job in the library. (link to come)

Madam died a happy woman I think. And that has made all of the diff-frahnce.

Black Hockey Jesus – from the internet –

I wrote this for my little girl when she turned five. (link to come) When I come to pick you up little girls run to kiss you and little gold stars twinkle around. Oh sweet face, you are five today. I want to tell you things…

There are people who will make you cry and you will want to wave your fist in the air and glare at happy people. Would you believe that these things can be changed? Edited by a future hand writing. All our yesterdays can be changed by a today. For you little girl are just this kind of past-changing thing.

I walked home that night oddly contented in a rain of little gold stars that twinkled and beamed.

Danielle – KnottyYarn.com

There’s something stuck in my vagina. (link to come) Day One – And then I get the sinking feeling. I think I just had sex with a tampon in me. I spend the rest of the day concerned, pressing on my stomach hoping that I can push the tampon out like a turkey timer.

Day Two – Seth, I think there’s a tampon in me. What? Wouldn’t you have felt it? I think you’re fine. Go to the doctor if you want.

I think I’m dying. (the audience is rolling on the floor) Going to the doctor is just a waste of money, paying someone to tell you what you already know – that you’re dying. In my family going to the doctor to have a foreign object removed from your body, is a total dick move.

Tanis Miller –

With the arrival of my new son, I was once again the parent of a disabled child. (link to come) I had forgotten how every time I traveled out with my child I became the traveling freak show for everyone to point and stare or worse yet, to just ignore. Then I learned the secret that most people never have the chance to discover – the joy of parenting a child with a disability.

There is a difference, a line, between what is funny and what is pathetic and rude. Please don’t make this harder for us … becauseone day someone you love could be the punchline to a joke. The only difference is that I promise, I won’t laugh.



“Well, you ask me to sing you a love song and I say, ‘Hold on’ and I think.” (link to come) You know this blog is your love song. I sing a love song of food. Just in case let me explain a bit more… Joseph says I cook because I love. I cook to woo. I cook to nourish. I cook to teach. I cook to love.

Meals can show off. Meals can feed people. … The recipe’s the love song.

Even the asparagus jello, which nobody liked the tune of, … is my love song.

Grace Davis – State of Grace

21 years ago I bought the book that saved my life, The Courage to Heal … the first book to help victims of childhood sexual abuse. I published this entry two years ago right before Mother’s Day. The two months from Mother’s Day to June and Father’s Day is a source of living hell for those of us who were abuse by our parents. (link to come) I have a message for you dear ones … it’s radical and some may not understand … you don’t have to forgive your perpetrator and forgiving your abuser is not neccessary to achieving healing. If there is forgiveness to be offered then extend it to yourself. Forgive yourself for being young and weak. Forgive yourself for drinking, doing drugs and being permiscuous. Forgiving yourself for having to be perfect, for alienating your body, starving it and excericising unhealthily. Forgive yourself for the bad break ups and bad choices. Forgive yourself for being afraid to be a parent. … Forgive yourself for hating yourself. Forgive yourself. You’re the one who deserves it.

Melissa Ford – the land of IF (infertitility) – Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found

Loss is inherent in the land of infertility. Mixed in with the loss is the physical pain, embarassment and the financial cost. (link coming) This is what baby making in the clinic is like. Someone else sets up the time and does the work. It can be daunting. Like stripping the love from the event of making a baby.

Pauline Karvoski – ClassyChaos.com

As an immigrant in America, I have spent my whole life stuck in between two cultures. (link to come) It did not take long for me to question my heritage. In grade school I would hide under my desk during Saturday’s Polish school when the soccer kids came inside for bathroom breaks. The best days were in high school when I was guiding those girls in Polish dance.

Through the eyes of my children I saw my country again. We stood in the same sandbox where I used to play. “Can we come back any time? This is our second home, yes, MaMa?” I realize through them that I fit perfectly in both worlds.

Wendy Adams – wendyaarons.com

Let me just say that when I wrote this I didn’t know that Pepsi was a sponsor of BlogHer. I love Diet Coke. It is my strength and my weakness. (link to come) My relationship with Diet Coke began many years ago when I broke up with Tab.

I’m a grown up so I know what’s good for me – fruit. And what isn’t – heroin. And I should be able to choose, right?

Nina –

The post I’m going to read is about memories of and travels in Yugoslavia. It’s dedicated to my dad who gave me a love for Yugoslavia and wonky elbows. (link to come) “Do you want the ones with the obituary or without?” The cigarettes with the obituary weren’t smuggled into the country.

The snow turns the town white, transforming it into a secret and magical place. It is perfectly calm here.

Kelly – DonMillsDiva

I refuse to wring my hands or gnash my teeth. (link to come) I get that some people are truly conflicted about exposing themselves on the internet. But I’m sorted. I’m good. I’m a writer. In the lifestyle section of every newspaper there are columnists who routinely write about themselves in the first person and reference their families. I reject the notion that just because I do it on the internet I am more careless or taudry than people who do this for a newspaper. This is not a diary, it’s a column.

Corin – That Black Girl Blogging, RealSimple.com

This post is entitled When White Women Become Experts on Michelle Obama and Our Hair. (link to come) Black hair cannot be so narrowly defined or critiqued.

Catherine – HerBadMother

His name was William Frederick Hunter and she only saw him once. He was wrapped in a blue blanket. They asked if she wanted to hold him and she said, “No.” (link to come) She squeezed her eyes and tried not to see her heart outside her chest.

She says to me, “I’ve thought about that little baby every day of my lfe and I wonder …” Tears are streaming down my face and across my baby’s head.

His name was William Frederick Hunter. And he’s my brother. And I’m going to find him.

Heather Spohr – thespohrsaremultiplying.com

I wrote this post in April after my daughter died unexpectedly. (link to come) I’m just somebody else that doesn’t know your family. In the last two weeks, the internet has united to help a small family. You have grieved with us. There are so many blog posts dedicated to our Maddie that we are floored.


Liveblogging – Mommyblogging – Have you found your tribe yet?

I’m sitting in the Strawberry Shortcake room (Chicago 9 ballroom if you’re looking for it) and we’re about to listen to a panel of mommybloggers. One of them – Briar Sauro – chatted with me a bit about her infertility platform. Peeking into the swag bags I see two SSC dolls to take home to Bri. She’ll be tickled pink! Attendees are reliving their own memories of SSC dolls from a few decades back!






Jen – Thanks to 20th century home entertainment and Strawberry Shortcake for sponsoring this session. (insert details about the swag bags) If your bag has a smiley face sticker in it then you win a free t-shirt as well.

Megan – Okay – so we’re going to go ahead and get started. I am Megan from Velveteen Mind and BlogNosh magazine. I was selected for this panel because I never fit into a category and I had to make up my own tribe. I don’t talk about make-up, kids, food or politics. But I feel like a really awesome huge tribe. Even though it’s not a specific niche. Now I’m going to let the other panelists introduce themselves.

Kelby Carr – I’m Kelby and I’m @typeAmom. I’m known as a mommyblogger but I don’t blog about being a mom at all. All of my tribe are hyper moms. I’m not neccessarily blogging about diaper changing or anything. You can belong to more than one tribe too!

Renee Ross – I blog at Cutie Booty Cakes. My blog is about community. I started out reading a bunch of different blogs – like a hundred and then 300. I blog about my business – diaper cakes that are not edible. I wanted to find out as much as possible about as many people as possible. I joined a bunch of different communities. Then I went and read the blogs and commented on them. Not only was I embraced by everyone, but I now know so many different people. I created my own community by being social. I didn’t feel like I had to be just one thing.

Briar Sauro – I blog at Unwellness.com and it started as a writing excercise. I have fiber myalgia, a transexual husband, a teenager, a toddler and I’m a librarian. I don’t fit in to one group. Nothing to blog about! (laughter) I found community in the infertility group. Losing a baby changes you. I have a group of friends who used donor sperm, like I did, and some are moms and some are not. There is a baby on this earth that exists because of funding from the internet. So I believe strongly in online community. It has changed the last six years of my life.

Megan- After Blogher each year there’s a wave of moms that quit. Because they feel lost in the sea of niches and they feel like they don’t have a “purpose” for blogging. A lot of people started on message boards and then moved to blogging. You have a built in blog-roll and tribe already. How many of you started from message boards? How many started from reading blogs? I think that’s harder. Turns to Renee- I’d like to hear more about how you got started because you took a shotgun approach.

Renee- I intially started out looking for women of color. Then I expanded to mothers. Then I expanded to all women. I don’t feel like you need to stay in one group. If this week I feel like reading all food blogs then I will. And I will comment there. And I will tweet my new faves. But that doesn’t define me as a person. I’m a chameleon and I can talk with anyone.

Megan- You have to be fearless. For instance, I got a lot of surprised feedback when I threw the People’s Party. People were like, “Oh, when did you start running with the big girls?” Just be fearless. Now we’re going to open it up to audience questions.

Holly with BlogFrog- I have a question if you blog about teens. My kids are old enough to have a say and they prefer not to be blogged about. Do you have any comments?

Briar- I stopped blogging about my stepson when he was fifteen. When he was sixteen he said, “I know about your blog.” At seventeen he would say, “Don’t blog this.” I keep drafts for future revenge when it won’t effect him so much.

Jessica from JessicaKnows – When you find your tribe, how do you contribute to keep your tribe strong?

Kelby – It’s important to keep strong relationships. And also remember to help out the newbies. You don’t know who might be big next year. They’d always remember that you gave them a helping hand in the early part. They will naturally help you when you need it. Be a giver.

Megan – I’d like to add. One thing I noticed that I do is that I tend to diffuse stress among bloggers. The idea behind the People’s Party was that we could invite both huge bloggers and new bloggers and hopefully everyone will be a wallflower. Everyone called me the Newbie Champion. I have a bad time with commenting because I write an essay for a comment. So instead I started tweeting links to good posts instead of commenting. It made my twitter followers go up but I did it just because I felt like a crap commenter. People notice when you mention their feelings. And they want to stick around.

(While I was updating we had a question from a grandmother who feels lost in the mix. Renee and Kelby advised her to come from a mother’s angle and try out twitter).

Audience member question – I’m trying to move into another group. How do I do that without leaving my blog behind? (I may have butchered this question too.)

Briar – I still feel most comfortable in the infertility group. I have groups in my feedreader based on comfort level. I want to move into the regular mommy-blogger arena.

Megan – Are you rebranding?

Audience member – I’m narrowing my niche down.

Megan – I know that there are people that have limited themselves by blog name. You want a title that brands you. But at a certain point, if you were blogging about pre-schoolers and you don’t have young kids anymore then what do you do? Should you scrap everything? If you do start a new blog then you bring the ones who love you. You don’t want to feel trapped by your blog. SOmetimes you have to have a willingness to let go of your tribe. Sometimes you evolve from a tribe and feel them shaking fingers at you behind your back.

Renee – Define your tribe. For me I might only need five people that really understands me. You can have ten people that are your crew and just roll with it. What are you looking for?

Kelby – Don’t be afraid to not be a topic. I really didn’t think anyone would read my blog when I started it. People would ask what I blog about and I’d say food, travel, being a mom, being hyper and the list goes on.

Audience member- I feel that people use the term “mommyblogger” as a perjorative and I feel embarrassed to admit that I’m a momblogger. What should we do with that?

Kelby – It’s funny I feel like I embrace it because I’m tired of people saying that mommybloggers are only one type of people. Why should we have to be pigeon holed into a category? None of us are the same!

Audience member- What do you do if your audinece is not getting your vibe? I’m kind of crunchy but I also vaccinate and I had a completely unassissted childbirth. I’m not sure how to deal with the hostility of the tribes.

Megan – Writing well is not enough any more. There are too many blogs. They’re not going to take the time to see that you’re a kick-ass writer. The hostility is tough. Briar…

Briar – Whenever I hit one of those places, I try to hit my inner bitch and I say “You know what this is ME. And if you don’t like it go somewhere else.” I use cloth diapers and I vaccinate. If you don’t like it okay. The people who are going to come and stay are the right people. (applause)

Audience member – I work at a magazine. i’m a mom. And then I come home to blog. It takes so much time. I’m up to 2 or 3am because I get sucked in. Do you have any time management tips?

Megan- I don’t! I post once a week. I have two boys at home and a girl on the way. I own a magazine online and my e-mail is like Chinese water torture. I have to turn it off. I stay away a lot. I’m willing to not “win” by other people’s terms in order to have balance.

Briar- I used to post every day. And now that I have a baby I am up till 1am every night and only post a couple of times a weel. All of the things I read are about connecting to people. It’s not about being the most famous blogger on the planet.

Megan – There’s always somebody on the planet doing something and you never see them take a break. But they do.

Allie from Fussypants – I have a comment about rebranding. Twitter is really useful for that. Don’t be afraid to fail. I have a whole bunch of websites and 10 or 15 were huge flops. Through Twitter, your tribe will come with you.

Megan – Everyone said this panel would be controversial. The line in the sand seems to be doing reviews. We wanted to talk about the emotions behind tribes. I know that a lot of you have been feeling this “She’s a review blogger. She’s a pure blogger. She’s in the media.” Do you feel like there can be no mixing? We’re not talking about ethics or logistics? Just feelings!

Mon- I do lifestyle mommyblogging – I didn’t mean to be a mother or a wife, but I just fell into it. (As a sidenote I have two teenagers and I tell them that when they can pay bills then they can tell me what to write. If they don’t want me to post pictures of their underwear on the floor on facebook then they need to clean up!) When you make the switch and cross the line to review blogging, how do you approach that with your tribe?

Renee- I don’t mention it. I do everything. My blog is my personality. I review some things that are interesting to me. I don’t do compensated reviews. If it’s sponsore then I say it’s sponsored. I don’t write like a commercial because it’s not. I write my honest opnion. Most people who read me would be like, “Go sister!” for getting some money out of it. It’s a labor of love.

Kelby – The cool thing about blogs is that they’re real and there’s a person behind that. If you’re not sure then take a poll. Do a post. It’s interaction. Say, “I’m putting a lot of work into this and I need to feed my kids. How do you feel about this?”

Audience member- Have any of you found any alternate ways of increasing your tribe? Like postcards? How do you reach out to the people who aren’t online yet?

Megan – Let laralee answer.

Loralee – We were contacted by a newspaper and then we have more newspapers interested. And I’m Tricia by the way from Tricia24moms. Now we’re doing newscasts.

Megan – I don’t tell people in real life what I don online.

Kelby- My husband got me a sticker for the back of my type-A minivan. They asked me for the measurements. And I thought it would be all dignified, but it takes up the WHOLE back of my van.

Audience member- Particularly as a mom blogger of color. I took Renee’s approach and visited other blogs. I noticed that other moms who aren’t of color were not reciprocal about visiting mybrownbaby.com and I find it’s very difficult to get them to keep coming back. Even if they come and comment in a positive way, they don’t come back. Do you think the blog world is segregated? How do I say that my door is always open?

Renee – I honestly don’t think my people don’t know me from my blog. They know me from Twitter, facebooka and my blog. I haven’t found that only women of color come to my blog. I have to relate to people. The initial comments I left as a crazy woman – they don’t come back. I have to develop relationships. And when I link on Twitter it sparks interest. I get a lot of unique visitor but not a lot of return visitors. And some of that is because I haven’t been commenting as much lately. I think more of building communtiy is about relating and not so much about being of color. Does it stick? Maybe not. But I don’t care if 3mil people read me every day. I just want them to know that I’m there. Unless your present in their lives, no one will come. What are you looking for? What’s your end goal? I think that’s for any blogger.

Briar – Yeah – I have transexual in the title of my blog and I have a lot of people that come once and don’t come back because I wasn’t what they were looking for.

Megan- My online magazine publishes all kinds of things (like an article about God on the same day as an article about a hooker) and people have commented about it being too white. But I looked around and we have a lot of black editors. Most of the time in your feed reader you don’t even notice the labels of color or religion. I think we feel it more than it’s actually out there.

Kelby – I think people are just freakin’ busy! I never even read my feed reader anymore. If it’s not on Twitter I just don’t have time.

Audience member- I say screw the divide. I write reveiws and posts. And I think bloggers should do what they want to do. I wanted to ask about community. I got a comment burnout by reading blogs and I felt like no one was coming back to have a conversation with me. How do you build a community when the response isn’t there?

Megan- That’s the last question.

Renee- Start small. I don’t have as much time anymore. But if someone comments on my blog then I reply. If I can reply by e-mail then I do. That starts to develop a relationship. I don’t have to go to their blog every day and they know that they can e-mail me anytime. That’s one of the best ways I think. Encourage them to do the same. An e-mail doesn’t take much time and you develop strong relationships.

Megan- I think ending the session on the screw it note it very effective. It’s hard. It can be frustrating. But if you love what you’re doing then the tribe of you is going to work. People are busy. Just be confident and believe that they will love being friends with me. I know it’s tough but that’s why it’s interesting. We have a room full of single tribes people. Thank you so much!