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Day 4 ~ Ring Shots

Another excuse to play with a fun lens! Taken with the macro addition added onto my lensbaby muse. I placed my engagement and wedding rings on my red pajamas and shot away! Not nearly as glamorous as it looks.

I had the hardest time choosing one of these for the shot of the day. Which one’s your favorite?


Day 2 ~ Treat

Today’s seven day theme was “treat.” I know I’m going to sound so spoiled, but it took me most of the day to pick out a treat for this shot. I had an abundance of options but I couldn’t pick one!

Hubster finally suggested that we go get hot fudge sundaes and rent some movies. That made my ears perk up! So we headed over to *Bruster’s ~ much to Bridoodle’s delight! She loves ice cream!

It was too cold outside to play for very long. Hubster was only patient enough to let me set the auto-timer twice. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to get the shot that fast. Usually I toss out dozens of outtakes.

Did I mention that I have the best family ever? I think setting up the shot was the real treat!

*And just in case you’re curious, I didn’t receive any type of compensation for this post. I don’t do reviews. I just like capturing life as we live it.

Murder and Mayhem and Memories

Last weekend, Hubs and I had a little holiday at home. We took Bri to stay with her Mimi and Gampa, so that we could attend a party. The party was a costume party set in the 1920’s that included a full murder-mystery plot.



We were each assigned various characters. Meet Guilda – the innocent wife of the Mafia boss’s accountant.



And here’s the mayor. He’s on the mafia’s payroll. Don’t say that I told you so!


At the party, the lights flickered out and someone was “shot” in the dark. (It sounded more like a high heeled shoe slamming down.) We spent the rest of the evening pointing fingers, claiming our own innocence and discovering dirty secrets about the other characters at the party.


Secret affairs and marriages were brought to light. As well as dirty money and threats of blackmail.



Did I mention that the food was delicious? Yum!



And the setting was lovely. It was the Grand Opening of the new speakeasy – a gin joint owned by a couple known for their houses of ill-repute.


And our hostess herself, was a doll. She and I had so much fun capturing photos for the party.


She made sure that I got in front of the lens every once in awhile too. We had a blast! Can’t wait to do it again.


Having a Blast and it’s Only Just Begun

We’re here! My cousin and I have arrived in Chicago and we’ve already hit the town full speed ahead. We just got back from our first party where we got our first swag bag which made me squeal and jump up and down. Among the awesome loot was a new Kodak Zi6  pocket video camera! So I’ll have some video footage up here eventually.

Both of us have been recognized by other bloggy friends – that’s a validating feeling – but you have to hear Bridget’s story about that because hers definitely tops mine. I can’t wait to link up to all of my new friends so that you can meet them too. But we have more parties to go to tonight and more swag to bring back to the room. So I’ve got to get dressed! Catch ya later!

The Spontanaeity of Youth

I’m pretty sure that I misspelled spontanaeity. But maybe not. My spelling seems to get worse as I get older. But these pictures. They make me feel young again. Dive in!








Client Collage

These portraits were taken last night. The clients are family friends of ours and I just love the way they turned out. Thought you might like to see how things are going! Let me know if you want to see more and I’ll send you a link.


Train Study

Today was one of those kind of days. You know. The kind where you set out to run a twenty minute errand. Like, maybe you need a signature from the health department. Only you get stuck at a train on the way.


Then you get stuck in the waiting room until they’re ready for you. (Because they had to finish the sudoku puzzle tucked neatly under a stack of charts.)


And then you get stuck in a social history with a nurse who needs a cup of coffee.

And then you get billed $18 for the list of ridiculous questions preceeding the simple signature that you came for in the first place.


And then you get stuck at a train on the way back.

Look closely and you can see a hospital tower peeking out between these two train cars.

It was one of those kind of days.