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a day in my life

There are so many little moments that escape me as they slide by. I thought I’d try to capture some of them today.

4:56 am – Hubster came in to kiss me good-bye before leaving for work. A few seconds after the door slammed it occurred to me that I should have asked him if the snow came.

5:01- Fell back asleep.

6:30 – Alarm clock radio turns on and our friend the DJ announces that snow did not fall last night. (No surprise.) My school is not delayed. So I have to get up.

6:45 – Bri wakes up and calls for me. She scampers around the house using her favorite phrases. “I watch Sesame Street?” “I eating.” “Want buh-nah-nuh.”

6:56 – I’ve now tried on three different outfits involving multiple layers. I finally settle on two layers of pants, a long sleeved shirt and a sweater. The budget cuts have seriously impacted the school’s thermostat.

7:00 – Start dressing Bri for the day. The laundry needs to be done! Cute pink dress with long sleeves, thick white tights and a pretty sweater.

7:23 – Run outside to start the car. Bri freaks out, thinking that I’m leaving without her. Load up the supplies for the sweet tea lab. Then back inside to make my lunch, Bri’s milk and the pot roast for dinner. (Love that crock pot!)

7:30 – Finally heading out the door.

7:45 – Drop Bri off at daycare. Give her milk and a banana to eat in addition to the toast and grits that the daycare serves. Get a sloppy banana kiss from Bri before leaving. (Best part of my day!)

7:48 – Realize that I’ve left the ladle at home and will definitely need it for lab today. Head back towards the house. Gonna be late.

8:02 – Pull into my parking space at school with ladle and lab supplies. Spot a kid from third period. Wrangle him into carrying lab supplies to the classroom for me.

8:15 – Pledge of allegiance. Moment of silence. Announcements.

8:21 – Begin teaching Chemistry students. Go over homework.

8:35 – Notes on ionic bonding. Oxidation numbers. Electron dot diagrams. Naming ionic compounds. Practice problems.

9:10 – Class changes.

9:15 – More Chemistry students. Lather, rinse, repeat.

10:05 – Class changes.

10:10 – Physical Science kids arrive. Spend twenty minutes reviewing the mixture station labs from yesterday. Discuss terms like heterogenous, homogenous, miscible, immiscible, concentration, molarity, colloids, suspensions and emulsions.

10:30 – Break up into lab groups. Each student gets a small concentrated cup of tea and each student gets a large diluted cup of tea. Groups have sugar and individuals are instructed to add the same amount of sugar to each cup. We discuss concentration, dilution, and the kids get to drink the tea. They record their results and conclusions.

11:00 – Clean up and wrap up.

11:05 – New class of Physical Science kids. Lather, rinse, (lunch) repeat.

12:30 pm – Planning period. Begin typing up lesson plans for next week. Research testing requirements for continuing certification. Realize once again that we have a four day weekend next weekend. Happy dance.

1:22 – Run to the potty. Won’t have another break for two hours!

1:25 – Class changes. New set of Chemistry kids.

2:30 – Class changes. New set of Physical Science kids.

3:20 – School day ends. Clean up sticky wet desks and spilled sugar. Realign desks. Finish typing lesson plans. Post them for parents to see online. Make copies for Monday. Empty splash bucket from lab. Clean up lab supplies and stack them near the door so that I’ll remember to take them home. Lock laptop up.

4:35- Finally leave the school. Head over to the daycare.

4:45 – Chat with the ladies in the front about the photos I took for the Chamber of Commerce. One of the photos is the cover image for the new community magazine.

4:47 – Find Bridoodle playing near the door with Baby (her baby-doll) and a wooden stove. Poor Baby. I squat down to talk to her at eye level and instantly find myself surrounded by two year olds. One little girl hugs me from behind. One little boy plays with my hair. Two kids crowd in to say, “Hi!” Bri becomes protective and jealous. I scoop her up and away from the crowd. We collect her things and head for the door.

5:00 pm – Walk into a cold house. The pot roast smells heavenly. Turn on the heater. Turn on the TV – 40th anniversary of Sesame Street. Sit down to check e-mail, facebook, Twitter, etc.

5:26 – Hubster calls to tell me he’ll be a little late getting home. Nothing major. (I love it when he calls me like that!)

6:03 – Put some rolls in the oven.

6:26 – Prep the table for dinner. Bri sits on her stool chattering away. “I color. I color Mickey Mouse. See? See Mommy? I coloring.”

6:47 – Sit down with Hubs and Bri for pot roast, carrots and potatoes. Yummy!

7:03 – Spontaneously decide to make honey toast for dessert. We all eat a piece. Deliciousness.

7:18 – Hit the shower while Hubs cleans up the kitchen.

7:32 – Dressed in PJ’s with a towel on my head, I find Hubs on the computer and Bri “reading” books.

7:48 – Time for Bri to go to bed. We say prayers together as a family. Bri’s feeling pretty silly tonight. She gives me really long kisses where she wipes her mouth back and forth across my cheek. We laugh hysterically.

7:55 – Start typing this post! Edit photos. Watch mindless TV. Wait for Hubster to fall asleep on the couch so that we can head to bed.


the worst day ever

On Friday I had two parent teacher conferences that turned ugly. I basically had four adults that day who told me that I don’t deserve my job. It was the worst day I’ve ever had as a teacher.

So today I’m taking a mental health day. And considering other careers.

anecdotes from today

I had an awesome teacher moment in the halls at school today. I always think of zingers like these after the moment has passed. But today I had the pleasure of saying the witty thing I meant to say at the exact moment that I meant to say it. “Hey you! Making-out couple over there. Get to class. You’re going to be late … in more ways than one.”


After picking up Bri from daycare today, we headed home and she played while I tidied up a bit. Then I settled down in front of the computer and she came over to sit in my lap. She fell asleep on my shoulder while we listened to music and watched photography slide-shows from my feed reader. It was a magical moment.


Update: After I wrote this post Hubster came home from work. Just overheard him in the nursery yelling, “No, No, NO, NO. We do not wipe our booty and then wipe our mouth!” Classic parenting moment.

two truths and a lie

School’s back in session, so I’m up to my old tricks. Namely lying to my students. You know, like telling them that they’ll learn stuff that will actually be useful in the real world. Of course! Because I’m sure you remember Avogadro’s number and how to balance chemical equations and all. Right? You use that every day. Uh huh.

So I break them in slowly. With a game. I had an even better version of two truths and a lie for my students this year. It’s probably going to be painfully obvious to y’all. But here they are.

1. I shot over 35 people this summer.

2. I dropped out of law school after two years.

3. My elbow bends backwards.

Which one’s the lie? It’s harder to lie to people who know you. 🙂

Yesterday’s Picture.

shopping at the HL

I had to drive over to the board of education yesterday to SIGN my new contract. Eeek! I brought my little camera along to capture this event but was caught off guard by a few things that needed my attention. Nothing major, just a few wrinkles that needed to be discussed. So I didn’t take a picture there. I completely forgot.

But before I left the city, I had to stop by my favorite arts and crafts store. This place is HUGE! It’s as large as a Wal-Mart or a Target but only sells craft supplies and decorating things. They’re having a huge sale. And they’re currently stocking for Christmas! It was so much fun to wander around. I had a blast!


Before I begin this story, I have to tell you a little background information about myself. You may already know this about me. In fact, I’m probably deluding myself to think that anyone who’s ever brushed across my little corner of the world could have blindly missed this facet of my personality. But I’m all about stating the obvious, so let me be straight up honest with you. I am a control freak planner by nature. My life has always contained a four year plan and lots of long term goals. Most of these plans hinge on other plans. However, I also have back up plans in case those plans don’t work out. In fact, if you want to play a really fun game, pick a year and I can tell you what I think should happen that year in the Streams world.

So let’s rewind to 2006. After swimming in a sea of depression, leaving medical school and bravely deciding to try my hand at teaching, I realized that I was not qualified to teach in the school district where Bridoodle will one day attend high school. I wasn’t even qualified to teach in that state! Rather than give up on the new dream, I’ve commuted across state lines for two and a half school years to teach and while there I worked to gain certification. The master plan has been to return to our state and teach in our district for the 2009-2010 school year.

By January, 2009 I’d gotten all of my ducks in a row. I’ve been networking with our local high school for the past few years. Everything looked hopeful for my transition this summer. And then the recession hit. Hard. The district went into hiring freeze mode. They laid off ten teachers from the high school where I wanted to teach. My cautious optimism fizzled.

Suddenly my plans for the whole year went cold. Hubs and I considered what we should do next. And by “Hubs and I” what I really mean is that I whined, complained, griped and he listened.

Why did it matter, you ask? Well, besides the obvious answer that I am a control freak ahem, a planner, it also would offset our baby plan. We wanted to wait until I’ve settled into a new school for at least a year before we start trying to have another kiddo.

And ya know, I’d like to have the next kiddo sometime before Bridoodle is a teenager.

So that’s about the time I got a really bad case of the baby bug. You might have noticed. Hubster got sick of me pestering him about it, but he was very patient with me. Neither of us felt like we were quite ready to jump on that bandwagon just yet. So we waited. Or I should say, Hubster waited and I agonized.

A month passed. I discovered a dark room hidden behind my classroom. I explored the possibility of teaching simple photography to my science students. I started to get really excited about staying at my current school. Things seemed a little brighter. I grew content in my situation.

And then I got a phone call, two weeks ago. Our local high school had an unexpected job opening. Would I be available for an interview? My heart leaped into my throat. Of course!

The interview process was so much fun. At one point I had five different schools interested in me. Two schools were sort of fighting over me. My phone seemed to be ringing off the hook!

On Friday, May 23rd I was offered the job that I’ve been pining for since 2006. I joyfully accepted the position.

I feel a lot like a kid at Christmas. My parents used to spend months convincining me that the present that I really, really wanted would be too expensive or too hard for Santa to transport. Year after year, I went from hope to discouragement to contentment and then on Christmas morning, I always found that gleeful surprise.

So here I am with a shiny new job and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see what comes of the next year. It’s going to be a really fun transition.

Works For Me Wednesday – Paint Swatch Entertainment

Our little prodigy knows all (and I do mean ALL) of the Sesame Street characters. Of course you do have to speak toddlerese to understand her. She recognizes Uwnie, Buwht, Showy, Scarscar, Grobuh, Kiki, BidBurd and Elmo when we hold her diapers up like flashcards. Elmo is on the back of all of them and then various cast members grace the front. (Ten points if you know what brand of diaper we use! Twenty points if you can translate that list!)

While we are quite enamored with her insane memory regarding these cute furry monsters, we’re also hoping that she’ll learn more, umm, useful information too. You know like the colors and the shapes that they love to go on and on and on about on Sesame Street.

elmo and zoe

(Just for honesty’s sake, I must admit that she loves to sing the alphabet song and can make it pretty far on her own. Yesterday she got as far as dubba-u. And I know she’s not even two yet, so it’s okay if she majors in Sesame Street sociology right now.)

So on a trip to the local Wam-Lart today, I decided to keep her entertained and practice her color memorization at the same time. The girl needs to learn some colors! Our first stop was the paint section. There I picked out the standards – red, yellow, blue, purple, orange and green from the free paint swatches. Then I let her hold the swatches as we roamed around the store, and I prompted her to say each color. She loved it! And I loved the price. (Those Elmo stickers start to add up after a few trips.)

Meemaw in the mirror

The original version of this fabulous idea came from my Meemaw. She told me that my cousins like to get the Mickety Mouse swatches from nearby home improvement stores. They use the swatches to play memory games or to make flash cards for their elementary school aged kids. Bridoodle’s not quite old enough for that, but I can’t wait to try it when she grows up a little bit.

Today paint swatches worked for me when I needed a tool for teaching colors. What works for you?

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